Vacation Care - April 2019
Attendance Requirments 

Hours of operation: 6.30am - 6.30pm.

Bring a hat: Hats “No Hat - No Play Policy”. Norwest Christian College hats MUST be broad brimmed or legionnaires style for maximum sun protection. Children who do not have a hat that meets these standards will be required to stay inside or under shelter all day if the UV reading is above 3.

Sun Safety: Our ‘Sun Safety Policy’ states that all children attending the centre must wear clothing with sleeves; at least covering the shoulders. Singlets, midriff tops and strapless dresses are not permitted and all mid-sections must be covered. Please ensure that your child/ren has adequate clothing with them to accommodate all possible weather conditions. Children are reminded to apply sunscreen to protect themselves throughout the day. The Centre provides Cancer Council 30+SPF sunscreen. If your child has allergies or is sensitive to specific products please provide suitable sunscreen. We also recommend, that children do not wear ‘good’ or ‘special’ clothes, as activities planned are often messy

Food and Drink: All children are required to bring a refillable drink bottle. Children must bring their own morning tea and lunch unless the program states otherwise. We have limited heating and refrigeration facilities available. Breakfast will be supplied for those children arriving before 8.00am. Afternoon tea will be provided each day.

Peanuts: Norwest Christian College asks parents not to send foods to Vacation Care that contain any peanut or nut products.

Footwear: Enclosed shoes must be worn at all times. No scuffs, thongs or sandals are to be worn.

Behaviour: The Norwest Christian College Code of Conduct and the specific rules associated with Vacation Care must be adhered to at all times. Bullying, rudeness, inappropriate language and any dangerous and/or destructive behaviour will not be tolerated. Children whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate will receive a warning and a parent/guardian will be informed. If the behaviour continues the centre will contact the parents and may terminate the child’s enrolment in the program.

Medication: If your child requires medication while at Vacation Care the following procedure applies:

  1. Supply the medication in its original packaging, labelled with the child’s name and dosage. Where necessary include instructions for how to administer the medication.
  2. Fill out a ‘permission to administer medication’ form available at the Centre.

Enrolment Procedure: If your child is not currently enrolled in the Centre please go to the College website for an application form. Alternatively, you can contact our Enrolments Officer via email ensure that you complete the booking form and return it by Thursday, 4 April 2019. You will need to complete the Vacation Care booking form even if you are permanently booked into Before and/or After School Care.

Fees: The daily fee for bookings includes all activities; there will be no additional fees charged.

All bookings should be made by Thursday, 4 April 2019 otherwise we may be unable to accept your enrolment for these days. If you have any outstanding amounts owing from previous Vacation Care your current enrolment form will not be accepted until this account has been finalised.

Families not already receiving Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from the Family Assistance Office (FAO) should complete the online documentation in their MyGov account before enrolling.

Please Note:

Should you book your child/ren in on any day and they are absent without prior notification, you will be charged for the day you have booked. in emergencies, the centre will provide food/drink, at an additional cost of $12 per child. This is not a standard provision but rather something we will utilise in the event that a child does not have morning tea or lunch.


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