Shamanic Healing Workshop Melbourne

The Shamanic Healing Workshop is a powerful, nurturing, experiential workshop to heal, open and transform.

The Shamanic Deep Expansive Healing & Transformation Workshop is a powerful, nurturing, experiential weekend to heal, open and transform.

Create a better, freer and easier life by moving through patterns that are holding you back or creating stress or confusion.

This is your invitation to heal and transform your life in the safety of a supportive healing community, connecting with the energies of nature and guided by your own innate healer, the group’s wisdom and the synchronicity of Spirit.

For thousands of years, the medicine men and women of indigenous cultures have understood the physical and spiritual inter-connectedness of all things. This retreat follows the Shamanic perspective on healing. It is about restoring balance, right relationship with the earth and with Spirit and retrieving the aspects of Self (or Soul) that become fragmented through difficulties, trauma, neglect, pressure, fears or other experiences.

TIME:  The workshop starts Friday 29th November. 7pm and runs till about 9.30pm. On the Saturday we will run from 9am and finish around 6.30pm. On the Sunday the workshop starts 9am and the workshop ends at 4pm on 1st Dec


St Kilda, VIC (address will be sent upon booking).