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Tuesday Mindful Movement 7.30-9pm

Term 2: Living Well, Breathing Well: Practising Pranayama.
10 x 1.5 hour yoga classes at the Bowden Centre 30th April -2nd July

This coming term Learn the secrets of the yogic science of breathing Pranayama. Prana means 'life force" and Yama means "restraint" . We practise different restraints of our life-force to learn how to to un-restrain and redirect it. Each class we will practise:

~ Observation and allowing of the natural breath.
~ Moving combined with breathe unifying body & mind in a single action. 
~ accessing and awakening full biomechanics for efficient breathing.
~ Unlearning bad habits and releasing tensions that inhibit the natural breath
~ Using asana (postures) to access the breath rather than the other way round.
~ Specific pranayama techniques to cultivate and explore certain energies within the body/mind complex.


The Bowden Centre, Australian Botanic Gardens
Enter Via back gate from Mount Annan Drive, Park P3, Mount Annan, NSW 2567

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