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First Reconciliation & First Communion 2019 Program
Pymble Catholic Parish of Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (OLPS)

Welcome to the parents of our candidates for First Reconciliation and First Communion. Thank you for taking the time to review the information regarding these sacraments prior to registering your child.


Please take care when reading the information below, make note of all the required dates in your calendar, and take time inputting the data required into in order to avoid mistakes.


In order for a child to partake in the First Reconciliation and First Communion program at Pymble Catholic Parish, the following must be completed:

  • The child must be Baptised and Confirmed prior to receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation, which is then followed by First Communion.
  • Proof of Confirmation must be provided to the Parish.
  • The child must be in Year 3 or above.
  • The child needs to be registered online at prior to The Parent Welcome and Information Evening.
  • A parent (at least one) must attend The Parent Welcome and Information Evening.  This will be held on Wednesday the 22nd of May at 7:30 pm at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Pymble: enrolment in these sacraments can only be confirmed by having at least one parent attend this evening.  
  • The child, along with their parent(s), attends a 4-week preparation program for each of these two sacraments: that means 4 weeks preparation for Reconciliation and 4 weeks preparation for Communion.


Celebration Dates


First Reconciliation will be celebrated at both churches within our Parish on the following dates:

  • Sacred Heart Church, Pymble on Tuesday the 18th of June at 630pm.
  • OLPS, West Pymble on Wednesday the 19th of June at 4pm.
  • Please note there are no practice sessions scheduled for First Reconciliation.

First Communion will be celebrated at both churches within our Parish on the following dates:

  • Sacred Heart Church, Pymble on Sunday the 1st of September at 11:30 am.  [Practice for First Communion at Sacred Heart is on Saturday 30th of August at 3pm at Sacred Heart.]
  • OLPS, West Pymble on Sunday the 8th of September at 11:30 am.  [Practice for First Communion at OLPS is on Saturday 7th September at 3pm at OLPS.]


The Parent Welcome and Information Evening

During this evening, on Wednesday the 22nd May at 7:30 pm at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Pymble, there will be:

  • A guest speaker exploring the meaning of both Reconciliation and Communion,
  • Discussion surrounding the expectations involved in this process,
  • Formation of preparation groups for both sacraments.


The Program: A Family-Centred Program

All candidates will take part in a 4-week group preparation prior to each of these two sacraments: that means 4 weeks preparation prior to Reconciliation in Term 3 and 4 weeks preparation prior to Communion in Term 4. 


This program requires volunteers whom act as a facilitator for the group.  The facilitator hosts a small family group as the children prepare for First Reconciliation and First Communion. With the support of the entire community, we can offer a family-centred program. Please consider taking on this valuable role as facilitator.  All that's required is a willingness to facilitate the discussion between parent and child: this gives each group its structure.  The church has plenty of space to offer a venue for group meetings.


Please note parent involvement is required.​​​​​​  The expectation is the involvement of the child making their sacraments, as well as the parent(s).  The majority of one's spiritual and religious development occurs in the home: parents are the primary educators of their children.  These groups are meant to complement the preparation for these sacraments, which should also be happening at home.  


Register once per child being enrolled

Registration is for both Reconciliation and Communion, inclusive.  When registering there is an enrolment fee of $130: this defrays the cost of administering both the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion, as well as provides a professional photographer on the day of First Communion. 


If you have more than one child participating, please register each child individually so we can capture individual information required for each child.


Once you have registered your child via this website, you will receive an email confirmation which contains more detailed information: please ensure you read and retain this email for future reference. 


Additional Important Information

If your child partook in a Confirmation program at a different Parish, please email a copy of the certificate to prior to The Parent Information Evening.


For children who made their Confirmation at Pymble Catholic Parish, there is no need to supply a certificate.


If your child has additional needs, we want to ensure they can receive the sacraments in a way that is helpful and inclusive of them, please let us know.


Sacred Heart Catholic Church

2 Richard Porter Way

Pymble, NSW 2073

Contact Details:

Melanie Benbow

Sacramental Coordinator

Pymble Catholic Parish

9144 2702