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Orientation Day - Sydney 1st Session 2019

Orientation Day is offered to candidates to familiarize them with the examination protocol and venue. Students can attend any class in their grade. Orientation Day, although desirable is not compulsary


Royal Academy of Dance
20 Farrell Avenue
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


Saturday 25 May
  8.45am - 10.00am: Intermediate Foundation Class A
10.15am - 11.30am:  Intermediate Foundation Class B
11.35am - 12.50pm:  Intermediate Class A
  1.50pm -  3.05pm:   Intermediate Class B
  3.20pm -  4.35pm:   Avanced Foundation


Sunday 26 May
 8.45am - 10.00am:  Intermediate Foundation Class C
10.15am - 11.30am: 
Intermediate Foundation Class D
11.35am - 12.50pm:  Intermediate Class C

 1.50pm -  3.05pm:   Intermediate Cass D

  3.20pm -  4.35pm:  Advanced 1
  4.40pm -  5.40pm:  Advanced 2

Contact Details:

Kathryn Hughes

02 9380 1908