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 Two Day Collagraph Workshop

Collagraphs are printing plates where materials have been applied to the substrate or where the substrate has been incised or cut away. These textures hold the ink for intaglio and limited relief printing.
Collagraphs are an economical and non-etchant technique that can produce exciting and ethereal results.

Workshop is suited for Beginners/Experienced. Tutor is Rhonda Ellem. 


  • Date: 

    Saturday 25 May 2019, 9 – 4pm

         Saturday  1 June 2019, 9 – 4pm

  • Venue: Museum of Printing ( MOP) NERAM



General: $145 + $20 materials

BGP/Friends of NERAM: $135 + $20 materials


Max. 8 participants, Min. 6 to run



Participants will be guided through each of the two technical stages in producing a series of plates where emphasis is given to line, shape and texture.


                   gestural (PVA and carborundum)

                   impasto (stencilling, imprinting, combing)

                   applying fine textures

                   incising, cutting and tearing away of substrate

                   photo on substrate (cutting, enhancing)

                   Jenny Sages challenge

                   cut outs/jigsaw


                   Shellacing and sanding each plate ready for printing and for plate longevity.


                 3 plates of the same image, prepared for printing


DAY 2  


                  proofing plates, assessing and resolving

                  overprinting all plates to make one print using intuitive selection and elimination, diluted inks

                  use of stencils to select parts, give a focal point

                  wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry

                  rotating plate 90 degrees

                  selective inking/poupee 

                  viscosity printing


                  intaglio and monoprinting

                  jigsaw printing


Participants to bring for DAY 1:

  • scalpel knife and blades
  • one A4 or smaller stencil (commercial cheap one, picture or letter stencil OR can make one in the workshop from tutor’s material).
  • a few small bits/strips of finely textured paper, tissue or foil. Don’t buy, be resourceful.
  • ideas, drawings OR 3 copies/postcards of an artist’s (not printmaker’s) work
  • pencils/textas/steel ruler
  • A4 or smaller photocopy of a cartoon character
  • 2 b&w or colour photos with contrast, printed by a photo lab or home printer on photo paper. Any format…A4, 6” X 4” or panorama.
  • a few fitch, and soft brushes including a water-colour brush size 6 or smaller, won’t be destroyed
  • scissors to cut cardboard
  • old plastic credit card or scraper
  • cutting mat
  • mask if preferred for shellac, working outside
  • 3 small jars
  • rags

Participants to bring for DAY 2:

  • paper offcuts for proofing
  • larger paper
  • preferably oil-based etching inks or oil paints OR water based etching inks, at least 3 colours.
  • gloves/rags
  • 4-6 (1”-2”) paint brushes, not stiff bristle, cheap pks from hardware
  • ½” wide cheap fitch brush
  • 3 jars for brushes
  • roller/s if you have them
  • old tray, won’t be damaged
  •  rags

 BGP to supply

Low odour turps, Carborundum, Scribes, Tarleton, Rollers, Cotton buds

Materials provided : $20/participant



                      Modelling paste/impasto/gesso

                      Stencil material

                      Vegetable oil