QLA Membership 2019-2020


Membership Renewal for Queensland Laser Association for 2019-2020 Season



Membership Fees for sailors who were members the previous financial year

$60     early bird fee if paid before 31 August 2019

(discount will be shown at end of booking procedure)

$75     if paid after 1 September 2019

Your subscription contributes to the Class Affiliation Fee payable to the Queensland Yachting Association and the levies which are payable to the International Laser Class Association as its main source of revenue.
Your subscription is also used by the association to maintain its website, to provide periodic newsletters and toward coaching and training costs for its members across the state.


Membership Fees for new members

New members (i.e. people who were not members of the QLA during any part of the previous financial year) who join more than 6 months before the end of the financial year will pay a pro-rata fee of $6.25 for each month remaining in the financial year. New members who join from 1 January 2020 to 30 April 2020 will pay half of one full year's membership ($37.50) which will entitle them to membership until the end of the current financial year. New members who join after 1 May 2019 will pay the full membership fee ($75) which will entitle them to membership for the rest of this financial year AND the next full year until 30 June 2020.






Please email Jan Kemp if you have changed your boat number. (gjkemp@aapt.net.au)
Please email Peter Fell if you have problems with this form (webmaster@qldlasers.com)