Suzuki Spring Festival 2019

Suzuki Music in Victoria is excited to invite Suzuki students and teachers to enrol in our Spring Festival to be held from 1 to 5 October at Methodist Ladies' College in Kew. Please make sure you have read all the details (including terms and conditions of enrolment) on the Spring Festival webpage before you enrol. A general timetable for each program is included on the Festival webpage.

Teacher professional development programs in violin, piano, cello, flute and guitar will start on Tuesday 1 October concluding on Saturday 5 October by 4pm. Suzuki Baby & Toddler Music teachers can also enrol in an additional 4 hours of pd to take place on Monday 30 September from 1pm with optional baby & toddler classes to observe in the morning.

Advanced student programs start on Wednesday 2 October at 1:30pm and conclude on Saturday 5 October by 4:00pm. The advanced program includes which will include 4 days of classes, concerts and more! Please check the Festival website to see the minimum repertoire levels for entry into the advanced program for each instrument.

The standard student programs start on Thursday 3 October and cater for all students who are not in the advanced program. This program includes 3 days of classes, concerts and more, concluding on Saturday 5 October by 4pm! Please see the Festival webpage for a general timetable.

All classes will be group classes and programs may include tutorials (instrument specific classes focussing on tone, technique and posture, generally with a smaller range of repertoire covered), repertoire classes (large group classes playing a wider range of repertoire; students may spend time sitting listening to more advanced players in their group which is also a great learning tool), ensemble (includes keyboard ensemble class) or orchestra classes, or general music enrichment classes.

The program is jam-packed with opportunites to play, listen, watch and socialise in a nurturing Suzuki environment.

We look forward to seeing you there!