CONFIRMATION 2019 - Holy Name Parish, Wahroonga
Registration for the program of preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation for children of Holy Name Catholic Parish, 35 Billyard Avenue, Wahroonga on FRIDAY 6th September 2019 at 7.00pm.
Please only book ONE (1) ticket per candidate for Confirmation. We do not need to know the number of family members attending. Please fill in the information for each candidate on a separate booking.
Holy Name Catholic Church
35 Billyard Avenue
Wahroonga, New South Wales 2076
Contact Details:

Mrs Sally Oong

Sacramental Preparation Co-ordinator, Holy Name Catholic Parish, Wahroonga

(02) 9489 3221



1. The candidate's Confirmation (Saint's) Name is recommended to be the name given to them at Baptism, if this is a Saint's Name. If not, please choose the name of a suitable, canonised Saint. Please discuss this with Sally Oong if you require assistance with this choice. You can advise this name by week 2 if not yet chosen.

The Saint's name shuould be of relevance to your child: Feast day near their birthday, affinity with the Saint's life or cause, own name, or the name of person special to them.

The website is a good place to start. 


2. The Sponsor must be a practising Catholic, who is a fully-initiated member of the Catholic church (i.e. has completed their sacraments, being Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Communion) and over the age of 16. It is desirable that the Godparent at Baptism, if present, also be the Sponsor at Confirmation. A parent cannot be the sponsor. Another adult may 'stand-in' on the day  for the Sponsor, if the Godparent cannot attend.


If you wish to discuss any of the above, please contact Sally Oong at


Eligibility: Candidates must be Baptised and be seven years of age or older (Year 2 minimum). Confirmation is celebrated prior to Reconciliation and First Eucharist.

Parents’ Evening: Compulsory attendance by one parent/carer (not children)

Tuesday 6th August, 7-9pm in the Prouille School Hall, 5 Water Street, Wahroonga.

This is a compulsory evening for one parent or carer, not for children.

Please bring (or, preferably, email to Sally): a copy of the candidate’s Baptismal Certificate and a photo for display in the church. Please enrol your child online before this evening, if possible.


· Please enrol and pay online. 

· Saint’s Names: 

Group Leaders’ Training: Group Leaders only – Leaders will be decided at the Parents’ Evening

Tuesday 13th August, 7pm, Prouille School – i.e. for parents who can help by leading/facilitating a group, not ‘teaching’ the lessons. Sally will confirm venue (i.e. school or church sunroom)

Preparation Lessons: ALL COMPULSORY for the candidate and a parent/carer.

These are held at Prouille School, (please meet first in the School Hall each week) 5 Water St, Wahroonga, on:

1. Saturday, 17 August at 3.30pm,

2. Saturday, 24th August at 3.45pm,

3. Saturday, 31st August at 3.45pm, each followed by 5pm Mass at church.

Each week, it is also compulsory to attend the 5pm Saturday Mass.


Practice: 7.00pm, Wednesday, 4th September, 2019 at the church. Compulsory attendance for all Candidates. Sponsors mat attend but it is not necessary.

Celebration of Confirmation: FRIDAY 6th September at 7.00pm at Holy Name Church.