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Outdoors WA membership 2019/20


Supporting the Outdoors Community -  A Better Life Outdoors

Outdoors WA is a community organisation committed to provide advocacy, leadership and support to the outdoor sector in WA. 

Together we represent camping, outdoor recreation, outdoor education and outdoor adventure providers across Western Australia.

Members include outdoor recreation clubs, outdoor education teachers and adventure tourism operators as well as outdoor event organisers, retailers and professional associations.

Outdoors WA seeks to foster the provision of safe, high quality outdoor adventure activity programs in WA by facilitating a professional network and providing services and benefits to members


Your involvement supports building A Better Life Outdoors - for West Australians to have a thriving and active outdoors sector that connect people to nature and provides challenging life changing benefits to ensure a happier, healthier and stronger community.

We welcome you to become involved as a supporter of the WA outdoors community.

Being a supporter also means we'll keep you abreast of what is happening via:

E-news monthly communications

E-lerts - anything we think you would like to hear about

 Affiliation with and representation on state and national bodies including

  • Outdoor Council of Australia
  • Outdoor Education Australia

 Representation and advocacy with Associated industries, State Government and Inter-Agency Forums

 Website links for Organisational members

 Professional development calendar

 Discounted access to professional development, training, registration and accreditation initiatives including;

  • National Outdoor Leader Registration Scheme
  • Seminars and Events

Your membership supports the outdoors community

Outdoors WA invites you to being involved and has the following membership options for the 2019 year.

*Outdoors WA has revised our fees in line with strategic planning. For membership until the end of the 2019 year the fees will be:

1.      Organisational - $82.50* + GST (this includes 1 nominated member, additional members $49.50 each)

2.      Individual Full Time - $65* + GST (for those employed full time i.e. teachers, employers )

3.      Individual Part Time - $30* + GST (for those employed part time in the sector i.e casual instructors)

4.      Student membership - $30* + GST (for students that want to be full members and vote.)

Associates - we are offering the opportunity for students to be a part of Outdoors WA as an associate. This is free to full time students studying in outdoor leadership as an initiative to support the future of the sector. There is no voting rights for Associates.

Membership is from 1 July 2019 - 31 December 2019.

All members can download the Outdoors WA constitution here.

*Note: There is an additional 30 cent account fee to process your membership online. The name TryBooking will appear on your credit card statement.

For more information about membership to Outdoors WA go to the website members page.

If you have any queries please e-mail the Executive Officer at


The State Government through the Department of  Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries - Sport and Recreation is a major supporter of Outdoors WA.

Sport and Recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier and safe communities.