Futsal          Beginners/Intermediate/ Advanced Cricket       

         Dynamo Athletic (12 - 15yrs)



Monday 30 September - Tuesday 1 October.

8.30am - 12.30pm.

Ages: 5-15yrs old
Do One Sport One Day, Another The Next!


             Futsal: $55 (1 day) $105 (2 days).        

Dynamo Athletics(12 - 15yrs only):  $55 (1 day)  $105 (2 days).

Beginners - Intermediate Cricket: $55 (1 day)  $105 (2 days).

Advanced Cricket (10yrs+): $55 (1 day)  $105 (2 days).


Futsal: is a fast-paced style of indoor soccer that has been used overseas, particularly in Brazil,

to develop such talented players as Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo

and Philippe Coutinho. Futsal develops player’s awareness, close ball control and decision making

and can improve players for both indoor and outdoor soccer (football). Taught by Australian

representative players, this clinic will provide a training program that caters for all ability levels

and it is great fun!

We look forward to seeing you there!




Beginners/Intermediate Cricket: is based on the Woolworths Cricket Blast programme which

introduces girls and boys, aged 5-8, to Australia’s favourite sport this clinic has it all.

It’s great fun, kids learn the basic cricket skills and is available for kids of all abilities.

Coaches are qualified, young and enthusiast. Get Into Cricket! Get into Fun!


Advanced Cricket: For those experienced cricketers who are looking to develop their specific bowling, batting and fielding (position related) skills.


Dynamo Athletic: Do you want the edge on your competition? Will running faster,

jumping higher and a greater fitness level help improve your sports performance?

At Dynamo Athletic, we are “Building Better Humans” and over the course of the two days,

you will train like a professional athlete.

Each day will consist of three designated training sessions covering Strength, Speed/Agility,

Anaerobic conditioning, Recovery Methods and Nutrition Principles.



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