Two Day Introduction to Biodynamics at Boorowa

31st October - 1st November at "Hanaminno", Boorowa

Biodynamics is a cost effective method of producing high quality plants, food and fibre with regenerative ecological outcomes.

Proven for nearly a century all over the world, biodynamic methods promote the creation of organic matter, enriching and deepening topsoil and significantly improving its ability to retain water and achieve fertility and balance.

An Introduction to Biodynamics brings together the art and science of agriculture, teaching participants how biodynamic preparations contribute to the soil food web and introduce practical aspects needed to apply biodynamics:

  • The life of the soil
  • Creating fertility in your soil
  • Managing your natural resources
  • Practical use of the biodynamic preparations
  • Developing risk management: Weeds, Pests, Diseases
  • Meeting climate change challenges: Drought, Flood, Carbon sequestration

Applicable to home gardeners, horticulture, small intensive cropping systems, broad acre farming and animal production, if you would you like to learn how biodynamic practice is different from organic gardening and permaculture methods then this course is for you.


** This workshop will provide you with the foundation to attend a follow on Biodynamics Preparation Making Workshop. At the Biodynamic Preparation Making Workshops held each Spring and Autumn you will learn how to make season specific biodynamic preparations and how they contribute to the soil food web creating fertility and balance in your soil with regenerative ecological outcomes.



Hamish and Charlie together will lead you through the two day interactive, hands on program. Course cost includes, catering (2xlunch, 2xmorning tea, 2xafternoon tea), subscription to the quarterly Biodynamics 2024 webinar with Hamish and Charlie, access to the closed Biodynamics Alumni Facebook group.


Early bird ticket 

(book and pay in full by 30th Sept)

$550 pp 


Multiple participants from one family or business

$440 pp


Intro to Biodynamics Workshop Graduate Repeat

$160 pp


Single person (from 1st Oct)

$660 pp




810 Brial Road 

Boorowa NSW 2586


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