2019 DVCS Secret Santa Appeal


This year DVCS need your help to provide support and entertainment to families and individuals we place into emergency accommodation.  In addition to seeking donations of toiletries for people we place into emergency accommodation, we are also accepting donations for specific things we provide to our clients!  Not only do we need your help providing food, petrol and phone credit to our clients in emergency accommodation, but we also need something for the children and young people to do, because sitting around a hotel room isn't all that fun. 

Why do we give out food, petrol and phone vouchers?  Because it is often safer than clients accessing their own bank account, which can often be traced.  A lack of phone credit, or no phone at all, is often a tactic used by people who use controlling and violent behaviours within their relationship.  When we place a person into emergency accommodation not only are we ensuring they have access to food and petrol, but also phone credit and sometimes a safe phone.  This helps our clients develop independence. 

But we can't do this all alone.  We really do rely on the kindness of the ACT community and we are truly hoping you can help us again this year.  So instead of buying a silly Secret Santa gift for your co-worker, we encourage you to purchase something from our list.  We will then ensure your money is used to purchase that very item which we will give to a family or individual we have placed into emergency accommodation, and we hope there will be enough to last us a few years. 

You can choose to purchase food vouchers, petrol vouchers, phone credit, movie vouchers and family passes to the Zoo or Questacon.  Or if you really don't know what to pick, you can leave it up to us to pick.  We will then apply your purchase to the area most in need.  Prices start at just $10 and go up to $120.  You can mix and match.  It's totally up to you, you are in control.  

The beauty of doing it this way is there is nothing further you need to do.  You don't need to go to the supermarket or Zoo to purchase anything, you don't need to work out how to get it to us safely.  

When you make your purchase we will ask you if we can share your name.  To say thank you to the wonderful people who do help us support the ACT community, we would like to recognise you on our social media platforms and in our newsletters.  But if you would prefer not to be mentioned, make sure you tick that box and we will refer to you only as anonymous.  

All donations $2 and over are tax deductable.  You will receive an email after your purchase, please click on the "Tickets" box in that email to download your tax deductable receipt.