Fundamentals of Tantra Workshop is coming to Bali after 5 sold out events in Australia in 2018 & 2019!

This weekend workshop for men & women, couples & singles - is your gateway to understanding and embodying Tantric principles to access your primordial energy force. Over two days, you will learn how to reside in a state of being rather than doing, awakening to a new level of consciousness that is heart connected, fluid, spontaneous, mysterious and free. How to make your inner relationships more intimate, meaningful, and enlivening, as well as your outer relationships, and finally how to powerfully attract everything and everyone you desire in life.

Come and lean from renowned Tantra Teachers - Chantelle Raven & Aaron Kleinerman, with over 30 years’ combined experience in the area of psychology, philosophy, shamanism and Tantra.  Their unique energy, knowledge and passion will inspire and guide you to change the way you experience sexuality, love, purpose, connection and LIFE…. to remind you who you really are.

Join us Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th Januart 2020 for this special, transformative experience.




This weekend workshop is for men and women, singles and couples, the complete beginner and the experienced Tantrics.  It doesn’t matter your age or what stage in life you are at.  What does matter is that you have an authentic yearning to open your heart to new possibilities, take self-responsibility and to choose love over fear. 

To anyone who deeply desires to experience a powerful, loving, blissful and intimate relationship with themselves AND with others, this workshop will transform your life!



SATURDAY: Self Exploration

  • Awaken to a new level of consciousness, beyond mindfulness.  Consciousness that doesn’t require that you sit alone, but is heart connected, fluid, spontaneous, mysterious and free.  Experience the Tantric Practice of MUTUAL AWAKENING; a type of consciousness that allows awaken together into human openness and bliss.
  • Learn to open to limitless pleasure and joy as a path to awakening.  By freeing yourself from the delusions and expectations of the mind that contaminate the present moment, you can open to ORGASMIC ENERGY which is your birthright and ever-available.
  • End the push-pull dynamic in relationships by cultivating conscious MASCULINE AND FEMININE energies within your own being. Through powerful exercises you will fire the sacred furnace of your contra-sexual self so that you no longer depend on another for feelings of validation and wholeness, creating deep INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS.
  • Experience the pleasure and deep transformation available to us when we experience intimate connection as a HEALING MODALITY.  By connecting with another through physical, heart and soul level intimacy, we open to life force (orgasmic) energy flushing anything out of our being that is not love.
  • Learn the art of bad HABIT DESTRUCTION rather than self-destruction! A tantric does not try to alter a painful situation from the outside, instead s/he destroys the ingrained habits that cause the suffering.
  • Transform blocks and fears around connection and intimacy and understand what it means to truly engage in the ritual of TANTRIC UNION with "eyes and heart open"
  • Discover the Self through connecting spirit to matter, female to male, witness to experiencer and heaven to earth, so that life becomes a MEDITATION where we allow ourselves to be fully present, fully alive and totally out of control.


SUNDAY: Solo, Paired & Group Embodiment Practices

  • Experience looping KUNDALINI practices upward through the chakras as a way to generate the fire you can share with your partner. When the intention is pure, Kundalini heals us in sacred union with another by burning away predispositions or vasanas that hold us to our past
  • Become a confident, potent and present partner through TANTRIC ALCHEMY – touching someone with more than just physical touch. You will learn to harness and transmit energy into your lover's heart and pineal gland, fusing two into one single glowing being
  • Learn to MAGNETIZE a partner with your awareness (Shiva) as well as your love (Parvati) so you can envelop those you meet with a loving presence blazing from your eyes, heart and sex
  • Learn how to raise your desires, almost to the point of orgasm, but instead of allowing the energy to leave through your base, direct it up the spine to flood the heart. Using KUNDALINI-TANTRA techniques, instead of racing towards a goal, you will receive the tools needed to relax into an embrace that can last for hours, where the mind stops, and you experience pure love and consciousness
  • Experience what it is to EXPRESS your emotional body, rather than supress it, with attunement and vulnerability, so that you can be in your full pleasure and presence. 
  • Learn (a) the power of TRANSFORMING DESIRE into deep penetrative awareness and (b) why retaining seed helps men to retain vigour, strength and tenacity of spirit. Women will also be taught how to support their men on this journey through raising their warrior energy into higher centres with their own focus and fire
  • Ceremonious, conscious PRESENT TOUCH. See your partner as Divine God/Divine Goddess. Learn to offer and channel bliss from the lotus of your heart and receive that bliss into your very Being




Single: $299 (early-bird = $254 until 2nd Jan 2020)

Couple/Bring a Friend Discount: $520 (early-bird = $442 until 2nd Jan 2020)

Strictly limited numbers


Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of January 2020


11am - 6:30pm both days


Karma House - Ubud

Gianyar, Bali 80571


For any questions, please contact:

Tara Meegan (Eliyah Event Manager)

Email: info@eliyah.com.au



CHANTELLE RAVEN: has been facilitating workshops and retreats in the field of spirituality and Tantra for almost 20 years. Inspired by Tantra, Psychology, Philosophy and Shamanism, she is an accomplished Teacher and Practitioner whose teaching style is pragmatic, comprehensive, down-to-earth, and always has an element of fun as well as intensity.

Chantelle grew up with meditation and personal development in her home. She was facilitating motivational workshops in her 20’s as a successful CEO, and then after having her first child, moved into women's work, writing her first of many books. When Chantelle experienced a massive personal health crisis (cervical cancer) she then placed all her time and commitment into the alternative healing arts where she uncovered her heart’s vocation in Tantra. Fast forward a decade and Chantelle has established the Eliyah Tantra School and has taught countless classes, workshops and retreats all over the world.

Chantelle’s energy, knowledge and passion will inspire you to change the way you look at life, love, sex, spirituality and the emotional body in ways that will remind you who you really are.

For more information on Chantelle and the Eliyah Tantra School, visit: www.eliyah.com.au


AARON KLEINERMAN: is a Transformational Sex and Relationship Coach & Facilitator. He came from a childhood of complete chaos, dysfunction and at a young age completely lost faith in humanity. After attending the prestigious US Merchant Marine Academy, he found a great job, travelled the world and made tons of money, but realized he wanted more. His soul journey brought him close to death numerous times on both the high seas and his travels to remotes places across the globe.

Through these experiences he realized that life is not about personal achievements and egotistic desires, but rather about deep soul remembrance and fulfilling one’s dharma. He has learned from the great masters in the field of sexuality and transformation, including earning a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. Now he helps his clients remember who they truly are in order to awaken their inner erotic wisdom.

Aaron went from being a licensed captain navigating ships to a sexual behaviour and movement specialist navigating souls. His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help humans integrate body movement, psychology, sexuality and spirituality. He speaks and shares honestly and transparently so that others can unlock the real reason for their human existence. Aaron is now fulfilling his own dharma and has dedicated his life to helping humanity wake up and remember their soul’s unique gift.

For more information on the Eliyah Tantra School, visit: www.eliyah.com.au


Cancellations: Strictly no refunds.  You may transfer your spot to someone else, but this is your responsibility to organise

The Workshop Outline, as described above, may differ depending on what the group needs as Chantelle values intuition above all modalities.