This event has no dates available for booking. Please contact the event organiser.

Landcox Park, Brighton East
(bookings close 4.30pm Monday 4 November)
Tshirt orders are now closed.

The annual Victorian Tree Climbing Championships will be held at Landcox Park, Brighton East in November 2019.


On the next page you will get to choose the following options to participate:
Men: Masters, Open or Student

Women: Masters, Open or Student


Masters: Will be asked to provide details of previous competitions entered and results

Open or Students: Tell us how many Climbing Comps you have been in before and we will rank you.

Student fee: If you are a currently enrolled as a student in an Arboricultural course you can pay this fee, even if you compete in open or masters. You need to provide a contact person for your course. You still have to be a member.


For non-Victorian residents only, you must be a member of an Arboricultural Association. Please note, while interstate competitors may compete in the Master's, they are not eligible to enter the Master’s Challenge. 


Please note:  Bookings close 4.30pm Monday 4 November.
If you miss the closing time you will need to call the President, Shane Hall,  0407 873 414


Please also note, that we have removed fees for the women to further encourage participation and in particular, more female participation. We will still have grades for the female entrants and the VTIO is covering the cost for them.



Landcox Park

Brighton East, Vic

Contact Details:

Ph: 0437 889 400