The Great Wimmera River Duck Race 2019

Annual fundraiser for the Wimmera Health Care Group Foundation as part of the Kannamaroo Festival, Horsham. Race date 1 December at 4:00pm on the Wimmera River, Sawyer Park. 2000 yellow ducks will jostle their way to the finish line in the other race that stops the nation.


1st duck wins $1000 Visa gift card, 2nd duck $500 Visa gift card, 3rd duck $250 Visa gift card.


Duck tickets $5 each

You will be allocated your lucky duck ticket number via email after purchase (within 72 hours). This number corresponds to the number on your duck's belly.

Will yours be a lucky duck?


Wimmera River
Sawyer Park (near the Soundshell)
Horsham, Victoria 3400

Contact Details:

Tanya Hahne (0417 561 664)