Trauma, Trust & Sex Workshop

A safe and nurturing workshop for all.

The Trauma Trust & Sex workshops invites us to the deepest places in ourselves and our intimate relationships. By shining a light of compassionate love and understanding into these depths, where the shadows of shame, unconscious blockages, fear and mistrust dwell, we open into healing, expanding and improving our relationships at a fundamental level.

Joyful, fulfilling and harmonious relationships are essential to our happiness and success.

We effectively address, but also go beyond the usual aspects of relationships such as conscious communication, managing anger, understanding and navigating differences between people in relationship.

We gently face the elephant in the room: healing from trauma. As renowned psychologist Gabor Mate writes, “the essence of trauma is disconnection from ourselves….separation from the body and emotions. So, the real question is, ‘How did we get separated and how do we reconnect?'”

The answers may lie in our personal or family experiences. They are also found in our cultures which are interwoven with thousands of years of domination and control which have left deep wounds in both women and men.

Yarra Valley, VIC (address will be sent on booking)

Price $575 (full) $495 (concession)
Early Bird (to 10 March) $495 (full) $425 (concession)
(Price includes accommodation and meals)
Dates: Thursday 2th Aprl (7pm) to Sunday 5 April (4pm)
Contact Details:

Phoenix Arrien: Tel. 0407 650 026