Featuring the music of the BEE GEES,
Based on the Paramount/RSO Film and the story by Nik Cohn.
Adapted for the stage by Robert Stigwood and assisted by Bill Oakes.
Edited by Ryan McBryde
By Arrangement with David Spicer Productions
Directed and Designed by Joe Woodward; Codirected and choreographed by Lucy Cronan; Musical Direction by Michael Jackson


McCowage Hall
Daramalan College
Cowper Street

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NOTE: Seating in Section 1 is arranged as follows:

Rows A and B are at floor level; Rows C and D are on raised platforms 25cm high; Rows E and F are on raised platforms 50 cm high; 
Row G is raised incrementally; Row H is further raised incrementally ... 
For the best views of the stage, select from rows A, C, E, G or H. While for most people Rows B, D and F are fine, there is a row of seats at the same level directly in front of them. With the stage raised 61cm, this does not pose a major problem. However, vision may not be as clear at times as it is for the above mentioned rows.