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2019 Annual Music Night

Junior School Concert 5:30pm-7:00pm
Join us prior to the concert for a family BBQ at 4:30pm. The music performance will commence at 5:30pm.
The ensembles performing in the Junior School Concert will include: Senior Concert Band, Junior Training Band, Year 1 Strings, Elementary Strings, Junior School Choir, Junior Percussion Ensemble, Junior Strings, Senior Stage Band and the Junior Concert Band.
Senior School Concert 7:30pm-9:00pm
The ensembles performing in the Senior School Concert will include: Intermediate Concert Band, Senior Stage Band, Saxophone Quartet, Brass Ensemble, Senior Percussion Ensemble, Senior A Capella Choir, Chamber Strings, Intermediate Stage Band and Senior Concert Band.
Students who have performed will have a seat provided for them in the auditorium at the conclusion of their performance. There is no need to purchase a ticket for your child who is performing.


Performing Arts Centre - Inaburra School
75-85 Billa Road, Bangor, NSW 2234

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