A Christmas Competition
Presented by the School of Historical Fencing.

Have you been learning fencing for a while?

Now is the time to start competing – The Womens Singlesword, and Open Longsword tournaments will be friendly and safe. Fight or Watch you will be welcomed, we even have swords and some protective equipment to borrow.

Sunday 1st December 19
12:00 pm – Open for rego and warmups
12:15 pm – Registrations close
12:30 – Open Longsword Tournament
2:30 pm – Women’s Singlesword tournament
4:30 pm – Finals
5:00 pm – Pub

Swords will be provided for Open Longsword.
For Women’s Singlesword, swords must meet weight and flex requirements – some swords will be available to borrow on the day as well.
$30 per person
$20 early bird (booked before 24/11/19)
Staff and Spectators free.
Payment can be made in cash or by credit card. If you would like to pay with cash please use the discount code CASH at checkout, and bring the money on the day.
Further information