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Meet Italian Violin Maker Roberto Cavagnoli!

We are excited to be hosting Italian Violin Maker Roberto Cavagnoli at our store, and we'd like to invite you to meet him! While in Australia, Roberto will be showcasing both his latest range of violins and some older models. You will have the opportunity both to talk to him one on one while trying out his latest offerings.
Roberto graduated in 1993 from the Antonio Stradivari School of Violin Making in Cremona under the guidance of Giorgio Scolari. After graduating, he trained in Angelo Sperzaga’s workshop, where he improved his skills making violins in the classical Cremonese style with a particular focus on varnishing. Between 1998 and 2000, he worked in Barbara Piccinotti’s workshop, where he improved his finer detailing skills and developed a personal style. In 2001 he went to Australia to work with James W. Robinson, where he honed his skills for fine instrument set ups, and further developed his understanding of sound.

Over the years, Roberto has won a number of awards for his work, earning high praise for the sound and tonal qualities of his instruments. 
He recently appeared in Scott Hicks 2015 documentary ‘Highly Strung'. Today, Roberto works in his own workshop in the centre of Cremona where he makes violins, violas and cellos, following the antique Cremonese tradition.

While in Australia, Roberto will be showcasing both his own and Barbara Piccinotti's instruments for trial. You will have the opportunity to talk to him one on one while trying out his latest instruments. Roberto's instruments are ideal for tertiary level study, the advanced soloist, chamber musician and professionals. Roberto and the team at The Sydney String Centre would be more than happy to discuss your needs to find your perfect instrument.
By appointment only. Please note, this is a one on one meeting with Roberto. Be sure to secure your spot to meet Roberto!
Between Friday 6 December 2019 10:30 AM and Saturday 7 December 2019 3:30 PM


The Sydney String Centre
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