Parent Seminar

On Monday 2 March 2020 at 7:00pm
Parent Seminar: Identifying your daughter's learning strengths
Welcome to our first parent seminar for 2020! You are invited to hear Mr Andrew Fuller speak about Identifying your daughter's learning strengths. By assisting your daughter to identify her learning strengths, she’ll be able to capitalise on areas where she is strong and build these into powerful areas of expertise. Learning how to use learning strength areas to increase performance takes some planning but the outcomes are large. When students and parents know the learning strengths and areas yet to be developed, they are better equipped to work with teachers to prioritise learning strategies over the next term or semester. The reduction in performance disabling anxiety is also substantial. Andrew will assist parents with practical strategies.
There is no charge for this parent seminar but please ensure you reserve your place.

Strathcona Girls Grammar
Featherstone Hall, 34 Scott Street, Canterbury, Vic 3126

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