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Girls in Physics Breakfast: Bendigo

The event is a Science breakfast for girls in Years 10 to 12 at which they will hear Dr Gail Iles from RMIT.

Dr Iles will speak on 'Human spaceflight and science in space' .  Space provides us with the unique environment of microgravity and vacuum in which to perform scientific experiments.  On Earth, we can briefly recreate, microgravity conditions on board parabolic flights.  These are used to test experiments for long-term use on the international space station.  In this talk she will describe

  • the types of experiments that benefit from microgravity,

  • how to recreate microgravity on Earth, and

  • the science that is currently being studied on the space station.

The talk will conclude with the future plans of humanity and what science and technology we need in order to continue exploring our solar system.

Students will be seated at tables with students from other schools. At each table there will be two or three women at various stages in a career in science or engineering or still studying at university. Over breakfast, the students can query them about their life and work.


Cost: $15 per student.  First teacher is free, extra teachers at $15 each. 


When making a booking: If a teacher is making the booking and plans to accompany the students, they should enter their details as the 'First teacher'.  If this is left blank, then the system will assume they are not coming.


Discount Available: Schools with a low ICSEA value can apply for a discounted fee of $5 per student by emailing Vicphysics. A response will be supplied by return email. If the discounted fee is confirmed for the school, the email will include a code which can be entered when making the booking. Please note: There is a limited pool of funds for this subsidy so schools should seek confirmation quickly.


Numbers: There is a limit of a maximum of 6 students per school.  Extra places may be offered closer to the day.

Venue: Hotel Shamrock, corner of Pall Mall and Williamson St, Bendigo VIC 3550. 
Activities on Careers in STEM: After the talk there will be two activities
Date and Time: Friday, 15th May from 7:30am until 10:00am.
Contact Details: For further information check    For any queries, contact Vicphysics at