Intro to the Wheel of Consent®: A discussion/Q&A with Dr. Betty Martin

Monday 24th Febraury 2020 7:30pm

When you engage with another – whether it is a lover, friend or colleague or client – are you doing what they want you to do, or what they allow you to do? What is the difference and why does it matter?

The Wheel of Consent is a new model of Receiving and Giving that brings crystal clarity into all touch and play, affects your entire relationship and becomes a practice of presence, choice and generosity. Each of the 4 quadrants of the Wheel is one aspect of desire and the role within receiving and giving that it creates. Each one is inherently pleasurable but often misunderstood and therefore sometimes difficult to find. Each of the 4 is innate to who you are as a lover and as a person, and the more you discover about yourself in each of the 4, the more freedom you have to be yourself, fully and authentically.

This introductory workshop guides you into the experience of each of the 4 Quadrants. Understanding them ~ and more importantly, feeling them ~ sets your heart at ease, answers years of doubt and shows you exactly where you are and how to get where you want to be. And it’s fun!

The workshop includes the option for non-sexual touch with other participants, as an opportunity to learn. There will be no nudity or sexual touch of any kind.

We feel the Wheel of Consent is so good that we want as many people as possible to experience it. Therefore Betty is offering this workshop as a free community event and we are requesting donations from attendees to cover the cost of the venue. Space is limited so we are asking folks to book and pay prior to the event to secure a place.Tickets are available with three suggested donation options: Fully Waged - $20, Concession - $12, Unwaged - $5. We appreciate your honesty and integrity with selecting the option that you feel you are willing and able to contribute to make this event happen.

If paying with cash is your only option or money is an issue please contact Vanessa on 0427968385 or email contact@vanessakvance.com to make arrangements. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 


Spanda School Yoga Studio
24C South Street, Fremantle, WA 6160

There is no parking at the venue, but plenty of street parking within walking distance. 

Unfortunately this venue is not wheel chair accessible. We apologise in advance.

Some cushions, yoga mats and bolsters will be available, but please feel free to bring a favourite cushion, pillow or blanket to make yourself as comfortable as you need. 

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