Acredited Diploma in Tantra Massage & Bodywork

Specialising in Neuro-Sexology


Trauma informed care

Sequenced Tantra Bodywork Program

Energywork & Tantric Principles

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12th September  - Saturday 10am - 4pm

13th September - Sunday 10am - 4pm

14th September - Monday 10am - 4pm


Cost: $1200 for Session 1, 2 & 3 training

Includes Full extensive Manual
After Care Support for assistance with Tantra Therapy with Clients and some bookings sent to you.

Certificate of Attainment

Accredited Training

Insurance Cover (optional)

IICT Association Membership & Insurance Cover options for Tantra Practice.

4 Positions have opened up for Professional Tantra Practitioner Training for September 2020.

Duration: 18 hour Intensive Training program over 3 Days in level 1, 2 and 3 of the International Institute of Tantra Bodywork Program.
This course will enable you to practice as an IIOT Tantra Practitioner conducting sessions 1-3. The Training is professional and extensive, and will open up a new world for your clients and yourself.

With teachings in the Tantra techniques that also encompass PsychoSexual Bodywork, Neuroscience, Neurosexology and Biohacking, this training is One of a kind. The unique elements of this training is not only the fact that no where else in the world teaches this program from this viewpoint, but that you are able to take this training and work in health centres, wellbeing centres, and Day spas all over the world with it.

It is non erotic. There is no or Yoni training. (though it can be taken at a later stage in the Master Class Training) as this is a PsychoSexual training working through the many facets of Trauma, consent, Psychotherapy and BioEnergetics.

You will be learning, Tantric theory, philosophy and principles, how to diagnose unbalance in Chakras and Energy, as well as dynamic body movements, the rise and fall of energetic Waves, energy controlling techniques, and full body bliss experiences.
​You will be able to work through the diagnostics of the energy segments of the clients body, teach them techniques, tools that they can implement into their every day life, strong pranayama techniques for full body experiences and all that you SHOULD know within Tantra Bodywork Therapy as well as how different postures and positions of movement and breath are used in the various tantric sexual postures and positions.

This Course is intensive. There will be many areas that will be covered. You will be able to learn both the theory and the practical aspects to this bodywork and be able to operate as a practitioner immediately on return to your town or city.

The added benefit that this course provides is its therapeutic and educational Nature. Due to the strict Laws governing the industry, this Course will enable you to open your own private practice and work anywhere, including Day Spas, Clinics, Natural Therapy Centres and your own home. You will be able to teach clients Tantra, and understand certain facets of relationships that will enable you to guide your clients into a sacred space of conscious loving.


International Institute of Tantra was the first of its kind to be presented to the Scientific Community of the 18th World Congress of Sexology in 2007. Statistical Research was conducted on the Benefits of the Institute of Tantra Bodywork Program and found that there was over an 80% success rate in improving many areas of bodyily functions in intimacy. Due to this element of professionalism, most clients are referred to an International Institute of Tantra Practitioner by a Doctor, counsellor, psychologist, therapist and other holistic therapies to enable clients to learn and experience certain facets of inimtacy and understand their bodies, learn new methods and techniques and other personal matters to assist them in their healing.

The Australian Association of (Bodywork) Therapists Limited (AAMT) is the peak representative body for Bodywork therapists in Australia formed after the consolidation of five major Associations across Australia. The International Institute of Tantra's Bodywork Program is the first Tantra Program in Australia to enter into this Associations Journal to educate the Bodywork Industry of the benefits, power and professionalism of the International Institute of Tantra Programs. To view the amazing article which was also the Front Cover of the Issue of the Australia Association

Institute of Tantra is also the first Tantra Program to be endorsed by a Professional Association, IASECT. The International Association of Sexual Educators, Counsellors and Therapists is a professional body which was formed to inform the international community of educating professionals and the public about intimacy and behavior and to support the positive integration of intimacy into individuals lives.

You will be able to promote yourself in any advertising media.

The Training Covers :
3 days of intensive practical and theoretical training.
Course Materials - Extensive Manual - Professionally published and over 200 pages.
Information on what is needed to set up a temple space
Phone and Booking Information and Assistance
Assistance with Business Management and promotion of your new business.

3 Days

Cost: $1200pp for Session 1, 2 & 3 training

SATURDAY - 10am - 4pm

SUNDAY 10am - 4pm

MONDAY - 10am - 4pm

Cost: $1200 for Session 1, 2 & 3 training

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Melbourne Day Spa


$250 Deposit to hold your spot for the training.

Only 4 people are accepted into the training at a time.

If you would like to attend a different date please see the April and May dates also.

Or contact us directly for a one on one private training also via soulvania@outlook.com