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The  ETAWA Good Answer Guide has been developed to assist students in their preparation for the 2020 Economics ATAR Course Examination. It contains candidate responses from the 2019 Economics ATAR Course examination and will assist students to better understand the qualities WACE markers are looking for in the final Examination.

About the Guide

In the ETAWA Good Answer Guide includes some of the best candidate responses from the Economics ATAR Course Examination 2019 for each question in Section Two (Data interpretation/Short answer) and Section Three (Extended answer). Two or three responses are provided for each question. They provide two different approaches to each question.

Each response is annotated by experienced WACE Markers with comments that explain the observable qualities in the response.  

The candidate responses have been left in their original handwritten format for authenticity and to demonstrate the length of responses and the inclusion of diagrams without any adjustments.

The guide provides students with the unique opportunity to observe the qualities of a good answer and apply these qualities to their own responses in future assessment tasks, examinations and most importantly the Economics ATAR Course Examination in November.

Limited number of copies available.


Delivery Details

ETAWA Good Answer Guide's are sent via normal post through Australia Post.


The Good Answer Guide will be available from Monday, 20th April, 2020. All orders received by that date will be sent out by Friday 1st May, 2020. Please allow 3 days for delivery.