UTS Fencing Club:

UTS Fencing Club is one of the most successful and competitive fencing club in Oceania. It is the home to current and past Australian National Representatives, Commonwealth, National and State Champions and many more NSW representatives. All three Olympic fencing weapons (foil, epee and sabre) are practised at the club.

As a progressive club, we are always on the move to produce the next generation of champions. We encourage all UTS students who have a passion for our sport to fence and train with the club regardless of their levels.

For those students with no previous fencing experience, the club offers beginners’ and intermediate fencing classes at the start of each semester. Some of the finest Australian fencers were students from the universities' Learn to fence program, and because fencing is fun, you don’t have to be a competition-fencer to enjoy the sport.

There are social events throughout the year where you will also have the opportunity to meet and socialise with students from other Australian universities. These events include the Australian Universities Games and the Australian Eastern Universities Games.

2020 UTS Membership/Visitor Fee

2020 Membership / Visitor fee is applicable to all fencers training at UTS Fencing Club, and cover the period of January 2020 - December 2020. By joining as a UTS Fencing Club members and visitors, you are agreeing to respect and adhere to the values and principles of the ActivateUTS (formerly known as UTS Union Limited) and the University of Technology Sydney. Members and visitors must also abid by the club's Code of Behaviour** in regard to their conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by UTS Fencing Club and in their role as a player/participant in any activity held by or under the auspices of the UTS Fencing Club:

*2020 UTS Public Member: $260
#2020 UTS Student Member: $60 (applied to current UTS student)
*2020 UTS Staff / Alumni Member: $70 (must be a current UTS staff / UTS Alumni )
*2020 UTS Veteran (Public) Member: $200 (aged 50 or over as of 1st January 2020)
*2020 UTS Junior Member: $130 (aged 14 or under as of 1st January 2020)
2020 UTS Visitor Fee: $280

*Conditions of membership: A UTS Fencing Club member must affiliate or register with the relevant state fencing association as a UTSFC member when completing/entering in state or national competitions, and be available to complete as a part of the UTS Team in club team events where applicable. Members must also attend club team training as required by the relevant UTS club team captain.

#Conditions of membership: A UTS student member must affiliate or register with the relevant state fencing association as a UTSFC member when completing/entering in state or national competitions, and be available to complete as part of the UTS Team in national and state club team events, as well as being available to partake as a member of the UTS Fencing Team for the UniSport National Division 1 events . Members should also attend regular club training sessions, as well as team training sessions as require by the UTSFC Executives and/or relevant UTSFC team captain. A current enrolment in a UTS award course is a eligibility requirement for this category of membership,

** Code of Behaviour

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of fellow players, coaches, officials and spectators.
  2. Do not tolerate acts of aggression.
  3. Respect the talent, potential and development of fellow players and competitors.
  4. Care for and respect the equipment provided for your use.
  5. Conduct yourself in a professional manner relating to language, temper and punctuality.
  6. Maintain high personal behaviour standards at all times.
  7. Abide by the club rules and respect the decisions of the club executive.
  8. Be honest in your attitude and preparation to training. Work equally hard for yourself and your club.
  9. Cooperate with coaches and staff in development of programs to adequately prepare you for competition at the highest level.
  10. Wear correct protective attire at all times when bouting. Any pants worn during bouts must reach below the knee.

E: contactus@utsfencing.com
W: www.utsfencing.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/uts.fencingclub
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