We have found ourselves in a changed world here in 2020 and it means adapting to a new normal in order to keep students engaged, active and continuing to enjoy their dance classes, from the comfort of their home. We are so proud of our new JF Online program, created by the whole team at The Jazz Factory.

JF Online provides students with both online pre-recorded classes as well as live-stream real time classes.

Our online classes are a structured pre-recorded syllabus in all styles available for their age group, allowing them to work through the videos systematically.  Our online classes include a warmup and stretches, progressions and technique, routines and choreography and tips and tricks for dancers. It works progressively, allowing even those new to a style, to enjoy the classes and work at their own pace. Content is constantly updated by our hardworking teachers, filming new content each week.

Our live stream classes are an excellent supplement to our online program, allowing students to take a live dance class in their home. Students will be able to follow the teacher through the class syllabus in real time, while also having the class available to revise at another time.

Our JF online program also has the opportunity for students to take private dance and singing lessons via Zoom, where they can connect and learn one-on-one with the teacher.

The Jazz Factory has always put the needs of our dancers as our first priority and will continue to do so with this online program, striving to maintain our standards of top-quality tuition in a caring and nurturing environment, even over cyberspace!

We thank you for embracing this new normal and supporting our adapted way of learning to allow your children to continue to find their love and passion in dance.


The Jazz Factory Online

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