Creative Teams Leadership Exchange Webinar

Leaders of worship and creative teams, this night will focus on:
• How to build a volunteer team
• How to keep your worship and creative volunteers engaged and motivated

We will be discussing this with Ps Dave Shepherd to give his insight as a Senior Pastor, Professor Stephen Fogarty, who did his PhD research into this and Daniel Thornton, who has lead worship and creative team in Churches for many years.

Dave Shepherd is the Pastor at Hills Baptist church in Verdun. Dave has a Bachelor of Medical Science and degree in Education. With ten years of teaching experience and communicating with youth, he is passionate about communicating the life changing truth of the gospel in culturally relevant ways. He is also the co-founder of Ignite Ministries, a worship gathering for young adults that have seen 1000’s of young adults gather to worship in South Australia.  

Stephen has worked as an economist, pastor, church planter, college lecturer and is now the President of Alphacrucis College. In 2013, Stephen completed his PhD in organisational leadership, researching transformational leadership, particularly the relationship between senior pastors’ leadership and volunteers’ motivation. He has since authored his first book ‘Light a Fire: How to Effectively Motivate Volunteers in Your Church’ which delves into his PhD research — examining the relationship between leader behaviour and volunteer motivation. As a well-regarded speaker around the world, Stephen is sought after for his profound theological insights and practical application.

Daniel Thornton is an accomplished and awarded songwriter, musician and worship leader, sought-after minister, and educator.  He is one of the world's leading scholars on contemporary congregational songs.  He is Head of Worship, Master of Leadership Program Director, and Director of CLASS (Centre for Learning And Scholarship Skills) at Alphacrucis College, and serves local churches and their worship teams around the globe as well as being engaged as a professional composer and performer.

Come hear from these leaders in an interview a panel and then join in the conversation by asking questions or sharing what you do in your church context.

On Tuesday 9 June 2020 at 7:00pm


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