Embracing the Familiar by Rebecca Mayo


Thank you for your interest in registering for Embracing the Familiar by Rebecca Mayo. After you register a project kit will be posted to you with everything you need to take a rubbing of a tree that you love or that interests you. When you send the rubbings, plus a handful of leaves or bark, that you collect from the tree back to us, they will be translated to cloth using screen-print & natural dye processes & will form part of an exhibition in 2021 at Tuggeranong Arts Centre.

Each project kit will contain: Instructions, an index card for you to write a statement or story about your chosen tree on, a small bag for the collected leaves or bark, an oil pastel, paper for the rubbing and a return addressed stamped envelope.

Each kit will have enough paper for a tree girth of up to 10m. If your chosen tree is wider than 10m you can order an extra kit or get in contact with the TAC directly via the link below.

If you would like to order multiple kits for a group of people (eg: more than 5) please contact the TAC via the link below.

We also ask that you only order what you intend to use.

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By registering for this project kit, you are agreeing to:

Voluntarily, participate in, Embracing the Familiar, an arts project developed by Rebecca Mayo (the artist) and presented by Tuggeranong Arts Centre (TAC). This agreement grants permission to Rebecca Mayo and TAC to use the information and materials that you provide from the completion of the project kit that has been supplied to you from TAC, for the unlimited purpose of developing, delivering and promoting the arts project, Embracing the Familiar. TAC and Rebecca Mayo will not use the materials and information provided by you for any purpose other than the development, delivery and promotion of the arts project, Embracing the Familiar and the TAC.

You give permission for TAC to contact you via the contact information provided by you when registering to give updates on the progress of the project.

This agreement releases TAC and the artist from all liability relating to injuries or costs that may occur as a result of completing the project kit. By registering for a project kit you agree to hold TAC and the artist entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

You acknowledge that the risks involved in completing a project kit are minimal and that you will follow current weather and environmental advice when completing the project kit. You agree to follow the current legislation relevant to your state or territory when using public or private land to complete the project kit. You agree to release TAC and the artist from any responsibility, both legal and/or financial that result from not following the current legislation relevant to your state or territory when completing the project kit.