Sally Weintrobe - Streaming live from the UK


Working through our feelings about the climate crisis: from anxiety, rage and grief to action

These are difficult times, with the climate in crisis, the economic system in crisis and now, CoronaVirus.

Things feel close to breakdown, but breakdowns can be breakthroughs if they can help us see what is wrong and needs changing in the world, and in ourselves.

Many people are finding it hard to manage their feelings as they emerge from the climate bubble and take in the extent of the damage already caused to our climate system. What can help us to recognise and work through our feelings about this threat to survival without resorting to further denial? How can we think proportionately about our responsibility?

Sally Weintrobe addresses these questions, bringing in her ideas on Exceptionalism and the culture of un-care it promotes, a culture that  alienates us from the part of us that cares about the effects of our actions.

On Saturday 18 July 2020 at 9:30am



This is a live streaming event only

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