Mastering Difficult Conversations Seminar Series

Almost everyone finds certain conversations difficult or challenging. This 5 workshop program will help you change the way you think about so-called "difficult" conversations and transform them into "learning" conversations - ones that build relationships and reduce conflict.

The program consists of 5 x two hour facilitated sessions using the free Zoom video app (only 4 if have done the introductory session through the SEA GLaM Seminar program).

The zoom sessions are practical in nature, involving small group work and include an action plan for practice between sessions. All workbooks and support resources are provided.


For those who have already completed session 1 through the SEA GLaM Seminar Series:

Session 2: Tuesday 1 September
Session 3: Tuesday 15 September
Session 4: Tuesday 13 October
Session 5: Tuesday 17 November

For those who need to do all 5 sessions:

Session 1: Thursday 20 August
Session 2: Thursday 10 September
Session 3: Thursday 22 October
Session 4: Thursday 5 November
Session 5: Thursday 26 November

All Sessions run from 5pm – 7pm NSW time.

Please note that by signing up for this series, you are committing to attending all 5 (or 4) sessions.


Online zoom links will be sent to participants by organiser prior to sessions.

Contact Details

Nicki Radford

Steiner Education Australia
02 9411 2579