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TryBooking - A Different Conversation


WHAT: A safe space for a ministry conversation about same sex issues and pastoral care.

Do your conversations about God and church and same sex issues go in circle? Can you have those conversations, or are the subjects just too volatile? Do you get to speak with many gay, lesbian or transgender people - and can you express what you want to say? Do you hear what their experience of churches like ours have been? Is it time to have these conversations? 

A Different Conversation is a ministry forum on authenticity, pastoral care, biblical faithfulness and same sex attraction run by Surry Hills Baptist Church during the Sydney Mardi Gras. 

WHEN: Thursday 27th February - Saturday 1st March, 2014 

VENUE: NSW Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. 

CONTACT DETAILS: Nigel Chapman Mobile: 0437 49 45 49 Email: