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Stitching is a delicately-wrought, dark and sometimes sordid account of a relationship pushed to the brink. When Abby tells Stu she is pregnant they are confronted with the most harrowing of choices – do they keep the baby or not? When they can scarcely survive the discussion itself, what hope do they have of raising a child in this passionate yet often toxic relationship? As they face their past, present and eventual future, the two rip, tear and painstakingly unstitch the fabric of their personalities and the relationship itself. 

Sexually chargedviolent and poeticStitching is a grim yet rich and oddly humorous tapestry of the human condition. Both hailed and despised by critics worldwide, Stitching one of the most powerful and confronting plays to come out of the UK in the last two decades.








"We will fix it, we will mend it..." 













\WHAT: Stitching by Anthony Neilson

Upstairs Theatre TAP Gallery
278 Palmer Street
Sydney, NSW

WARNING: Explicit language and adult themes strictly 18+