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Master the art of  off camera flash lighting and photography to add another seriously impressive set of skills to your photography repertoire.


Join like-minded photographers learning to shoot like a pro with models and cool locations.


In addition to shooting with flash at a variety of locations, we'll also learn the equipment professionals use to shape, modify and enhance off-camera flash. In particular soft boxes,  diffusers, reflectors, scrims and more because they are essential tools of mastering light. These skills are especially relevant for wedding and portrait photographers.


What We Will Be Covering:


  • We learn the basics of your flash, first of all in manual and then more sophisticated TTL.
  • Focus on getting your camera and speedlite talking the same language (and how to repeat it again and again!).
  • How to establish the best exposure, and therefore how to balance the flash and background explore to control your look. 
  • Further to this we get the speedlites Off-Camera to start to shoot with controlled modelling shape and direction.
  • Finally we explore using modifiers such as soft boxes and diffusers for your speedlite 
  • Equally important I will demonstrate some beautiful lighting techniques quickly and easily


  • 5 Key Lighting Set Ups To Learn For Completely Different Looks


We'll also use a professional models to work through a variety of scenarios together and put into practice what we've learnt.  To really get you thinking I'll be creating some tricky situations to test your knowledge and improve your skills because we learn by DOING!


All students will require a digital slr, speedlite (your flash), off-camera sync cable or wireless trigger.


The day will be held in four sections designed to introduce you to flash functions and techniques.


  • Getting Started & Basic Flash Operations
  • Basic On-Camera Flash; Fill-Flash and Bounce Flash Techniques
  • Off-Camera Flash Location Shoots
  • Using Your Flash To Create a Studio Anywhere


Because this Flash Photography Workshop also includes professional models to shoot with us. This way we can simultaneously shoot, learn and get instant feedback!


The Station
45 Nerang Street
Southport, QLD 4215


Andrew Thurtell @ Thurtell Photography The Station 45 Nerang Street Southport QLD 4215 07 5519 9006 0407 654 936