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Recovery Course Training NSW

This one day training event will equip you to run the Recovery Course. The Recovery Course is a 16-session course based on the 12-Step programme, which has been successfully developed over the last 75 years by Alcoholics Anonymous and, relatively recently, by Narcotics Anonymous. It is designed to bring freedom to people who struggle with addiction or any compulsive behaviour that spoils one’s life.

The original Twelve Steps are based on biblical principles; however the contemporary slant is to have a 'Higher Power' or a 'God of your own understanding', whereas we have returned to the original concept of a Judeo-Christian God as portrayed in the bible.

It is designed to work alongside conventional AA and NA programmes and guests are positively encouraged to join these other Anonymous Fellowships in conjunction with The Recovery Course should they so wish. The Recovery Course is not in competition with other programmes.

Each week the Step principles are supported by verses from the bible, and through them each guest begins to see how God sees them and is for each one of them. About one third of the people on the course express no faith whatsoever and they don't seem to find the Christian element a problem. We encourage them to go along the 'God of your own understanding' route should the Christian element be problematic for them. Certainly nobody is pressurised in any shape or form to believe what is expressed in the bible. They can take it or leave it freely.

Who is it for?

The Recovery Course is open to anyone struggling with any sort of addiction or any compulsive behavior that is spoiling one’s life, such as, using drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, gambling, self-harming, over-eating to name just a few.

The Recovery Course is a good starter for those completely new to recovery as well as those whom have been in recovery for years, but who would like to take a fresh look at the steps from a Christian perspective. 


COST: $55 per person including morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea.

Saturday 1st March 2014
10am - 4pm

C3 Oxford Falls
34 Wakehurst Pkwy
Oxford Falls,NSW 2100


CONTACT DETAILS: William Wilberforce Foundation: 1800 811 903 or







 **SPECIAL OFFFER** We are offering a discounted price of $100.00 to attend this training as well as the Caring For Ex-offenders Training on Saturday 15th Feb. Caring For Ex-offenders will equip you to help people coming out of the prison system. To book into both training events click book below. For more info on Caring For Ex-offenders training click here. 

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