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Venture Club



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5 September
Thursday Week 7 of Term 3

Beyond Bouldering

Middle School students  (max 18)

Richard Drogemuller

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14-15 September
end Wk 8 of Term 3
Pulteney Orienteering Challenge Kuitpo Forest, SA


Link to promotional clip from 2016 (this year's Yr 12's looked so cute then)

Link to this year's promotional clip (thanks to Isaac Pearce)

Lauren Sutter

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27 October
end Wk 2 of term 4
Tree Climbing Treeclimb All  Richard Drogemuller
7-9 December Surfing South Coast, SA All Lauren Sutter
8-13 December* 
1st week holidays
Rock Climbing Mt Arapiles, Vic Yr 12  Richard Drogemuller