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Does Luke present the role of women in his story of Jesus positively or negatively? Luke records more episodes featuring women than any other Gospel writer, but does he portray their role in a positive light? For example, beyond Luke 2, women hardly speak, and those who do are corrected by Jesus. Although women are privileged to be the first resurrection witnesses, their testimony is dismissed as uncredible.
At Priscilla and Aquila 2018, we are going to study the roles women play at some of the key points in Luke’s story—including the birth narrative, and Jesus’ passion and resurrection. Then we’ll see how Luke weaves his presentation of women among other major themes in the Gospel, such as discipleship and Jesus’ treatment of the lowly. By the end of the morning, you’ll be able to weigh the evidence and decide how Luke portrays women, and through this, gain a deeper grasp of God’s purposes for men and women in his kingdom.


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Moore Theological College
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