Terms and Conditions  −  Melbourne Tomato Festival 2016

Terms and Conditions for Melbourne Tomato Festival 2016

1. This ticket confers on the ticket holder a right of entry to the Melbourne Tomato Festival 2016. It must be presented at the time of admission to the event.
2. Before purchasing the ticket, please review the terms and conditions of purchase and entry.
3. TryBooking.com is responsible for the creation and distribution of tickets.
4. The ticket is subject to the terms and conditions on the TryBooking.com website.
5. The organiser will not be responsible for the conduct of TryBooking.com.
6. The organiser will not issue a refund for change of mind or change in personal circumstances.
7. The organiser will not issue an exchange or refund for a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed ticket.
8. The organiser will exercise their discretion in deciding whether to replace a ticket where the ticket is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. The organiser will take into account whether a reasonable amount of time ahead of the event has been provided when exercising this discretion.
9. Tickets are not permitted to be duplicated for the purpose of falsifying entry. Duplication of this ticket may prevent your entry to the event.
10. An individual ticket will not allow for more than one admission to the event. Pass outs will not be issued unless otherwise advised by the organiser.
11. The organiser reserves the right to refuse a ticket holder’s admission to the event or to evict the person from the event.
12. Should the event be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, including unsuitable weather or weather warnings, the organiser may only provide a refund to the extent required by law.
13. The organiser has the right to cancel the event at any time, including on the day of the event or during the event, due to weather conditions or warnings, or any other situation which may affect employees or attendees.
14. On the day of the event where an evacuation of the premises is required, all individuals are to adhere to evacuation instructions. They will use the designated exits and gathering points.
15. The organiser reserves the right to add, vary, withdraw, reschedule or substitute and/or vary advertised programs, event participants and venue.
16. Should the ticket be on-sold by any means at a profit without authorisation by the organiser it will become voidable, and the ticket holder may not be permitted entry to the event or may be removed from the event.
17. By purchasing this ticket you grant permission to the organiser all rights to record, photograph, reproduce, exhibit or publish your image, actions, voice or statements.
18. Data collected by the organiser for marketing purposes from this event will be used strictly in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
19. Attendees who are deemed by the organiser to be disruptive, noisy, intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, smoking, or engaging in threatening behaviour will be asked to leave the event or refused entry to the event.
20. Proof of age or concession card may be requested at admission to the event.
21. It may be requested that attendees submit themselves and/or their belongings to search on entry to the event or during the event.
22. The organiser, to the extent permitted by law and without limiting the application of the Australian Consumer Law, shall not have liability to any attendee beyond the purchase price of the ticket.

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