Terms and Conditions  −  Curiosity - workshop, play space and community

By making this booking, I confirm that:

- I will not reveal the names or personal details of any person in the workshop.
- I have no reason to believe I am likely to fall into an altered states of consciousness (such as extremely strong moods, psychotic or schizophrenic states, numbness, trauma response) where I am unable to communicate and look after myself.
- I am able to take responsibility for saying ‘no’ to any activity, experience or exchange that is not right for me. I will put my knowledge of my body and my psychology ahead of anything I am asked to do.
- I have free will, and if I need to leave the workshop at any time, I can. If I do, I will let the facilitator know I am leaving if it's possible to do so, or get in touch with the facilitator/s afterwards to let them know why I left.
- I am an adult and I understand that this workshop is about sex and sexual practices.
- I don't believe I am currently suffering from trauma or abuse.
- I can understand complex instructions given in English.

I may request a refund up until 48 hours prior to the workshop. A $30 cancellation fee will apply to the combined workshop & play space ticket, or a $10 cancellation fee for the play space alone.

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