Terms and Conditions  −  Portland Danz X-tensions Student Registration 2020

Portland Danz X-tensions COVID-19 Policies
July 2020

• Studio common surfaces will be cleaned at the start of every day
• Door handles, pin pad, table, ballet barres, and any other equipment used will be cleaned on each class change over or immediately after use.

Timetable changes
• In most cases the timetable will remain the same with only 5 minutes at the end of class and 5 minutes at the start of the next needed for the required cleaning. This will be trialed initially and adjusted if needed later.
• All 30minute classes will have 5 minutes added between classes (where necessary) due to the already very short length of these classes.

Student Maximum numbers and social distancing (when students only are on premises)
• As per government regulations students 18 years and under are not required to social distance from each other when at the studio
• As per government regulations there a limit of 20 students 18 years and under in a single class or in the hall way at once.
• Students will still be encouraged to social distance when in the studio – floor and barre markings have been put in place as a guide to students
• Though not required social distancing signage has been put up in the hallway as a guide to students when warming up

Adult Maximum numbers and social distancing (when a mix of students and parents/adults are on the premises)
• A limit of 10 people in the hallway will be required if a parent or person 19 years or older comes onto the premises. Students on the premises have priority over parents/adults. Eg. If there are 8 students in the hallway then only 2 parents/adults can also be in the hallway at the same time.
• Parents/adults will not be permitted in the change area. If a person 19 years or older (who is not a Danz X-tensions teacher) enters the change room the change room limit is reduced to only 2 persons.
• Parents/adults will not be permitted to stay in the building while classes are in progress, except for preschool parents when needed.
• It is encouraged that where possible drop off and pickup is to be done at the bottom of the stairs.
• Preschool parents may escort their children upstairs but will need to leave as soon as Sicely is available to supervise the kids.
• On Friday afternoons our Tiny Hip-hop and Level 2 Hip-hop students will be supervised by Sicely after drop off and until their class starts and then while waiting for pickup.
• On Saturday mornings when most of our youngest students have class there will either be an assistant teacher (Eloise or Madalen), Shakira or Sicely supervising students who arrive early or are waiting in between classes.

Before and After class procedures
• The entry/exit area from the outer door to the studio door must always be kept clear, so that students entering/exiting are not coming in close contact with people outside their own class or family unit.
• All students are required to wash their hands upon arrival to the studio. Both the kitchen and toilets will have soap and paper towel.
• It is preferred students arriving for class are to wait and warm up in the hallway away from studio door. Social distancing markers will be in place as a guide.
• If students need to change into dance gear after they arrive, they can do so in the change room, but it is then preferred that students then to go into hallway to warm up.
• Students will need to keep their personal belongings with them when at the studio, leaving gear in the change room is no longer an option.
• Students are required to bring all possessions (bags, shoes etc) with them into class to make class change over less crowded.
• Upon entering the studio space (the dance area) students will be required to apply sanitizer to hands (supplied just inside studio door)
• When in class students will be encouraged to social distance where possible.
• There will be no getting changed into casual clothing after class permitted, students may quickly put on warm layers before leaving the studio but not a total change.
• Upon leaving the studio space (the dance area) students will be required to apply sanitizer to hands (supplied just inside studio door)
• Upon class changeover students in the next class are to wait in the hall (maintaining social distancing), the class in the studio are to put on any extra layers and shoes quickly while still in the studio and leave the building directly. Once the studio is empty and cleaned the next class may enter at the direction of the teacher.
• Pickup after classes will be at the bottom of the stairs when possible. Our youngest students may have parents come up but must adhere to maximum numbers in the hallway, use social distancing and sign the contact tracing logbook.
• For the safety of our students 12 years and under it is still requested that parents escort their children to and from the stairs/building even though it is preferred you do not come up yourself.
• In the event a parent is late for pickup students may come back upstairs and wait in the hallway or change room
• In the event of inclement weather, especially if it is raining when class has just finished, the class changeover will be coordinated so that the finishing class will make their way into the hallway while waiting for pickup.
• Where a student has a gap between classes and a teacher or student teacher is not available to supervise, that student may wait in the change room, with the door closed, rather than the hallway.

Student Illness – with COVID-19 symptoms
• Any student who is showing any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) is required to stay home from class, but they may still participate (if well enough) via Zoom. Please give me as much notice as possible so that I see the message in time, text is best when classes are on.
• Any student who comes to class who is showing COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) will be isolated from the rest of the class and parents contacted to come and collect them immediately.
• Students are to stay away from studio classes until all signs COVID-19 has passed or they have been tested and cleared of having COVID-19

Teacher Illness – with COVID-19 symptoms
• If any of our teachers are showing signs of COVID-19, they will be required to isolate for 14 days or until cleared by a medical professional as to not having COVID-19.
• All classes that teacher takes will either be moved back to zoom in the meantime or taken by another teacher if possible.

Contact Tracing
• Class rolls will be used for contact tracing of students
• All Parents/adults who enter the building will be required to sign a logbook, so we have a record of who has been in the building and when for contact tracing purposes.

Confirmed COVID-19 case procedure
• If it is confirmed that a member of Danz X-tensions or their close family have been diagnosed with COVID-19 consultation with local health authorities will be undertaken
• The studio may be temporarily closed and classes moved to Zoom while contact tracing and a studio deep clean is undertaken.
• Studio reopening will be upon the advice from our local health authorities

Other studio COVID related policy changes
• Eating at the studio is not encouraged. It is preferred that students eat sufficient snacks or meals before coming to dance.
• Students are encouraged to use toilets before coming to dance, where possible.
• Students will be required to sanitize their hands before and after using any studio common equipment and after performing dance steps where students touch the floor or come into contact with another student.
• Teachers will minimize physical contact with students. If contact is needed to aid in a correction it will be done so with as much distance between student and teacher as possible and sanitizer used before and after.
• Parents are required to advise Sicely (if not done so already) if they have a child attending the studio who is in the high-risk category.
• High-risk students attend classes at the studio at their own risk
• Zoom classes will still be an option for any student who will be self-isolating at home at this time. Please let me know if this will be you.
• While all necessary precautions are taken by teachers to ensure the health of our students, parents send their children to class at their own risk knowing that we rely on everyone ‘doing the right thing’ in order to stop the spread of COVID-19

These policies and procedures were correct at the time of publishing but may be adjusted as government regulations and industry recommendations change in the future.

Danz X-tensions Terms and Conditions of Enrolment 2020
1. Permission is given to seek first aid or medical attention, including ambulance, if required.
2. Permission is given to photograph and/or film students to be used for studio publicity or memorabilia.
3. I understand that at times my child will have some physical contact with teachers for correction purposes and other students for support and to form sequences throughout dance routines. I give permission for this.
4. Fees are invoiced to families on the 1st of Jan due end of Feb, 1st April due 30th April, 1st July due 31st July, 1st October due 31st October.
5. All tuition fees are per term and remain the same regardless of casual absenteeism.
6. Students will not be permitted to participate in further classes if the previous terms fees have not been paid in full by the last day of the first week of the current term.
7. Students dropped off for class even through their fees for the previous term has not been paid will be not permitted to participate in the class. Student will only be permitted sit and watch until payment of the previous term has been made in full.
8. Fees can be paid by cash or direct deposit.
9. Fees left unpaid will be given straight to our collection agent and you will be liable for all fees charged by agent.
10. Teachers must be informed in writing two weeks before the end of the term if a student will not be returning to class the following term. Failure to do so will result in the student’s place being held in the class and fees charged accordingly until notification of termination of enrolment is given.
11. All fees are the responsibility of the person who signed up the student regardless of plans to share payment with other parties.
12. Invoices will not be split when an account is to be paid by more than one party.
13. It is the responsibility of the person who enrolled the student to ensure full payment is made each term. Any disputes between the paying parties regarding payment is to be resolved by those involved and it is not up to Danz X-tensions to intervene on personal disputes. Failure of full payment regardless of the dispute between paying parties will result in the students enrolment being terminated.
Concerts and Costumes
14. Concert performances are the weekend before school finishes in term two and the last Saturday in November.
15. All students in Test 1 and above participate in our midyear and end of year performances and need to be available for rehearsals in terms 3 and 4.
16. Preschool participation in performances is optional but parents must inform teachers of child's participation no later than 30th May 2020.
17. The Concert Package will be split evenly across the terms and is non-refundable from the end of March.
18. One end of year concert costume per style (to a maximum of $100 per costume) will be changed in full at the start of term 2. Any eligible refund after purchase will be paid as a credit on your account.
19. Withdrawal from the end of year concert after August 30th 2020 will still incur the relevant costume hire charge to cover the cost of costumes already prepared for the student for the concert.
20. Costumes purchased by students but not collected by the end of term 1 the following year will be charged a storage fee of $5 per month the costume still remains at the studio and must be paid before costume can be collected.
21. Costumes purchased by students but not collected by the end of the following year will be forfeited to the studio and sold to recoup storage fees.
22. All invoices and newsletters will be distributed through EMAIL and will be available on the website.
23. If you do not have an email address a hard copy of your invoice and newsletters will be available at the studio and on our website.
24. Parents and students will be informed via our information booklet 2020 of all dates they may be required for dance events in 2020.
25. In the event that classes are cancelled unexpectedly parents will be notified by email and a post will be made on the school’s social pages.
26. Students are expected to attend all classes and notice will be given to the teacher if student will be away.
27. In the event of absence of 5 or more consecutive weeks in one term where a parent has given prior notice of absence an appropriate discount will be applied to student account while still maintaining their place in the class. A 50% discount on each weeks’ tuition only while student is away.
28. In the event of absence of 5 or more consecutive weeks in one term where a medical certificate has been supplied notifying of the students’ withdrawal from classes altogether an appropriate discount will be applied to student account and arrangements for a refund made. A 100% discount on class tuition for the weeks remaining in the term where the student can no longer dance.
29. Students and parents are aware that any type of bullying committed by a Danz X-tensions member will be taken very seriously and dealt with accordingly.
30. Danz X-tensions students or parents proven to be bullying other Danz X-tensions students or parents will be asked to leave the school immediately.
31. Danz X-tensions students or parents suspected of bullying other Danz X-tensions students or parents will be asked to a meeting with the school director where parties can speak of their concerns and apologies made or a resolution negotiated.
32. Where it has come to the attention of a Danz X-tensions teacher that Danz X-tensions students or parents has been proven to be bullying non Danz X-tensions children or parents the director is to be notified immediately so appropriate enquiries made and if required actions taken which may result in the family being asked to leave Danz X-tensions.
33. The door to the student change area is to remain closed and locked while class is in session.
34. Where students are waiting in between classes without the supervision of a parent they are required to wait in the student change area with the door closed/locked.
35. Your teacher must be informed of any injuries before the commencement of class. The injured area must be attended to appropriately in preparation for dance class and the teacher can refuse student participation if they feel it is in the best interest of student’s physical well-being.
36. All dance classes can involve the risk of personal injury. Portland Danz X-tensions teachers take all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, so therefore does not accept responsibility for any injury or loss of property caused whilst participants are on the studio grounds or other dance related event.
37. Any student with a pre-existing injury or who are injured in class or through other activities must have their injury appropriately tended to by a physician or other appropriate professional. When attending class with an injury, students must first inform the teacher of the injury and have that area appropriately strapped or just sit and watch until the problem has healed.
38. Teacher has the right to refuse the participation of a child if they feel it is in the best interest of the student and their safety.
39. For student safety there is no chewing gum or food to be consumed while dancing.
40. To avoid damage and injury all watches, necklaces, rings and bangles need to be removed for class.
41. Students should be picked up on time at the end of their classes. When a student leaves the premises, they are out of Portland Danz X-tensions care.
42. Students are required to bring a bottle of water to each class to stay hydrated.
43. No student under the age of 13 should wait outside the premises to be collected. For safety reasons parents/guardians must come inside the building to collect students aged 13 years and under.
44. Ballet, Jazz and Tap students participate in compulsory assessments in term 3.
45. All fees for exams are billed on 1st July due 31st July.
46. Exam fees not paid by the due date will result in the student entry not being submitted.
47. Late submission fees are charged by ATOD and passed on to the student in the event that a late entry is submitted.
48. Exam date is set by ATOD and cannot be altered.
49. Exam timetable is set by school director and available times of students on the exam weekend can be taken into consideration if director is given a minimum of 5 weeks written notice.
50. Correct apparel is to be worn for each class. Exceptions apply on dance apparel where students do two classes in a row.
51. Correct dance shoes are to be worn for all classes where shoes are required.
52. Hair is in a secure bun for all ballet classes.
53. Hair is either a secure bun or ponytail for all non-ballet classes
54. Danz X-tensions teachers have the right to refuse a student to participate in the class if they are wearing incorrect uniform or shoes that the teacher feels will jeopardise the safety the student or any other person in that class.
55. Students are charged a fee for access to app
56. The app is for the use of current students only. When a student leaves the school their access to all Danz X-tensions videos on the app will be terminated.
57. To maintain the continued safety of the app, parents and guardians of students are to sign up using student name so all names can be checked against current class lists each term.
58. All choreography remains the intellectual property of Portland Danz X-tensions and cannot be used outside the studio in competition of other non Danz X-tensions event without the written consent of the studio director.
59. Parents are not to stay with a student while class is being conducted. Open viewing classes are the last week of terms 1, 2 and 3.
60. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to their teacher and each other, and not disrupt the learning of their fellow students. Students are also encouraged to try to help each other out where they can.
61. All students are expected to just try their best with everything they are given. Everyone can dance.
62. Detailed Policies and Procedures document, Child Protection Policy document and Code of Conduct documents are available on school website in members section or upon request.

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