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Ascham Holiday Academy 2019

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before making your purchase. Your payment will be accepted as your agreement to comply with these terms. These terms apply to all parents and guests of Ascham School. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access Ascham Holiday Academy (AHA) or its associated services.

Terms of use

I agree that my child is enrolled in school for the year that my booking is made. If my child is enrolled in a preschool for any part of the booking year they are not permitted to attend any programs other than ‘Get Set for Kindergarten’. Any children found to be in preschool or younger will have their booking cancelled without a refund and the child is to be collected immediately.

I confirm that:
a. I am the person with lawful authority and/or parental responsibility of the child/children nominated on the booking/enrolment form.
b. The details provided on the booking/enrolment form for my child are all true and correct.
c. I will immediately inform AHA in the event of any change to this information.

Child requirements

a. I agree to bring suitable clothing for the day that my child attends, including spare clothes. I understand that my child will need to change themselves should this be required.
b. I agree to apply sunscreen to my child before arrival and bring a suitable hat for each day of attendance. While my child will be reminded to reapply sunscreen by AHA staff, my child accepts ownership of applying their own sunscreen.
c. I understand that my child needs to be fit and able to take part in the selected program. All excursions require my child to be able to swim independently.

Medical acknowledgements and consents

a. I accept that a decision made by AHA Management that my child is contagious or too ill to attend AHA or their associated services is final and I agree to ensure my child is collected promptly after being informed of such a decision. I understand that fees must still be paid for this day or any subsequent day where my child is absent.
b. I understand that I am to provide current information in regards to any of my child’s medical conditions, including allergies and sensitivities, to AHA on enrolment and continue to update this information at least annually.
c. I agree to provide to AHA Management upon request, and if there are any changes or updates, a copy of the following documents:
i. Medical Action Plan
ii. ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions.
d. I accept that if my child has a suspected contagious illness, I will not return my child to AHA until:
i. AHA advises me that my child may return to AHA; and
ii. AHA has been provided with a clearance certificate from a registered medical practitioner confirming my child is no longer contagious or has the medical ailment.
e. If my child is in need of medical assistance and AHA Management is unable to contact me, the parents, guardians or emergency contacts listed on my child’s enrolment form within a reasonable time, I permit AHA Management to administer First Aid to my child in accordance with their First Aid training. I understand that as per the applicable AHA Policy, my child will be monitored.
f. I consent to First Aid being administered to my child by any person who is the holder of a current First Aid Certificate.
g. In the event of any illness or injury to my child whilst my child is in the care, custody or control of AHA, and if in the opinion of AHA it is necessary to do so, I authorise AHA to seek urgent:
i. medical or treatment from another doctor or from a hospital or ambulance service
ii. assistance from any person nominated on my Child’s enrolment form; and/or
iii. ambulance transportation.
h. I acknowledge AHA Management will inform me as soon as possible about the nature of the illness or injury to my child.
i. I understand and accept that an employee can only administer medication to my child if:
i. the medication has been authorised by my child’s parent or guardian and a registered medical practitioner; and
ii. the details of the medication and its administration have been accurately recorded in an Administration of Medication Record.
j. I agree to reimburse AHA Management for any charges, costs or expenses incurred by it in obtaining any medical, hospital or related treatment for my child if applicable.

Ascham School premises

a. I understand that all who enter Ascham School are expected to adhere to Ascham policies and practices including playground and road rules.
b. I agree to have staff sign my child in at drop-off and sign them out upon collection, on my behalf.
c. I understand that my child will be enrolled at Camp Australia After Care at an additional fee for any collections after the close of AHA programs at 4pm.

To book Camp Australia After Care, please visit: https://www.campaustralia.com.au/holidayclub/29105

Programs are subject to changes and/or cancellations by AHA Management as per booking, program or location requirements. Parents will be notified in advance if an event is to be cancelled or changed. In this event, bookings will be fully refunded.

Attendance at Ascham Holiday Academy

a. I delegate the custody and control of my child to AHA whilst AHA Management is caring for my child and agree to accept the employees and facilities that AHA provides to care for my child whilst attending any of the selected programs.
b. I acknowledge that, although AHA warrants that it will at all times and to the best of its ability use all reasonable care in respect of my child, there are inherent and unforeseeable dangers and difficulties in providing the services and AHA cannot guarantee the wellbeing of my child at all times.
c. I authorise AHA to take any action it considers necessary, appropriate or in the best interests of my child in the circumstances to protect my child at AHA or otherwise in its care or control.


Due to the specialised nature of our programs we cannot receive bookings after the closing date.


a. I understand that my booking will only be valid upon receipt of a copy of my child’s current Medical Management Plan to the AHA Manager on: aha@ascham.nsw.edu.au. Should my plan not be received before enrolments close, the booking will be cancelled and a refund given.
b. I understand that once I make a payment my booking cannot be cancelled or refunded. Any changes to program days are subject to availability.

Contact us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact the AHA Manager via email at aha@ascham.nsw.edu.au

If you have questions about Code Camp, please contact the Code Camp customer support team directly via phone (1300 26 33 22), email (hello@codecamp.com) or live chat (www.codecamp.com.au) Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm AEDT.

If you have questions about Camp Australia After Care please email Mark Bohan at mark.bohan@campaustralia.com.au

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