Terms and Conditions  −  Bringing Cyberspace into the Therapeutic Space

All masterclasses are held using the "ZOOM" platform.

For those who haven’t used this platform before it’s important to have a few things prepared

1. Have access to a device (laptop, tablet, computer) which has good internet connectivity and reliability.
2. The device you use must have a built-in camera, or you must have a webcam that can connect to the device.
3. A phone is not suitable as the video is too small. However, it can be used as an emergency backup.
4. If using Wi-Fi, make sure this network is secured by means of a password.
4a. If using mobile data, ensure that you have adequate data available for the masterclass session.
5. Test your audio before the session so you know your mic is working.
6. Clean the camera lens so its image is clear and not blurry.
7. Ensure you use headphones or ear buds so others cannot overhear what is being said, as some information can be sensitive.
This also creates a much clearer and consistent audio for others.
8. You need to be located in a private space where you can guarantee that you will not be disturbed.
For reasons of confidentiality, no one else should be present in the space you are in while attending the masterclass.
9. You cannot attend the masterclass if you are located in a public area, such as a café or park
(being outside can create a problem for audio especially if it is windy)

How the session starts

Before the masterclass, you will be sent a Zoom link via an email.

Click on the link at the time of the masterclass, then click on the button ‘open link’.
You will then be taken into the masterclass and your video and audio will automatically be on.
At the end of the masterclass you can leave the meeting by clicking on ‘end meeting’.
Alternatively, the facilitator will end the ‘Zoom session’ and the Zoom platform will close on your device.

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