Terms and Conditions  −  2020 WACTA State DTL Carnival

1. Any interpretation of, or alteration to, the program and conditions of entry will be the responsibility of attending members of the WACTA Inc. Executive Committee or the Tournament Director, whose decision shall be final.
2. The WACTA Executive Council reserves the right to change event programmes without notice.
3. All shooters must produce their ACTA Record Card and or a receipt of payment for the current financial year in order to nominate for any event [Ref. ACTA Trap Rule 4.10(d) and Skeet Rule 8.10(d) No shooter will be permitted to compete if they cannot produce a current ACTA Record Card or receipt of payment.
4. If a receipt only is produced, a $20 fee will be charged for a replacement page of scores and it is the shooter’s responsibility to enter these scores into their ACTA Record Card [Ref. ACTA Trap Rule 2.01(f) (k) and Skeet Rule 6.01(f) (k)].
5. All shooters must have a minimum of 50 competition targets and a provisional grade recorded on their ACTA Record Card.
6. If a shooter has a new ACTA Record Card, his/her old Record Card must be presented in order for grade and meterage to be checked by the State Handicapper. This applies even if scores/grades have been carried forward.
7. Nominations will close at 11:00 AM daily, or in accordance with the ACTA Administration Rule 4.12(a). The Shoot Marshal’s or Tournament Director’s decision in this matter is final.
8. Second and subsequent shooters registered at the same address, will be eligible to receive a discounted nomination fee of $5 per event. 9. Juniors shooting a State Carnival for the first time will be eligible to receive a 50% refund of his/her nomination fees at the end of the carnival. This is conditional upon the junior shooter nominating for all the events in the high gun program.
10. Squads/waves will be rotated on a daily basis.
11. Shooters will be squadded as per ACTA rules and regulations and any interpretation of this will be the responsibility of the Shoot Management or Tournament Director.
12. 50-target events will be shot in brackets of 25, with one visit only to the traps. 100 –target events will be shot in brackets of 50, with two visits to the traps. Exception – All 5-Stand Sporting events shall be shot in brackets of 25 targets (50-target events – two visits to the traps and 100-target events – four visits to the traps).
13. Payment of the nomination fee only entitles the shooter to enter the event. Changes to the program including the number of targets shot will not make the shooter eligible for any refund.
14. Each shooter is to take enough cartridges to shoot at 50 targets. A time limit of two minutes will be imposed for the changeover for each 25 targets. Should the two-minute time limit be exceeded then a penalty of the LOSS OF ONE TARGET will be incurred.
15. Shooters who fail to be at their squad on time will be required to shoot the event at the practice trap at a time suitable to management.
16. Should a shooter who is late for his squad then elect to withdraw from the event, he will not be eligible for any refund of nominations paid.
17. All shooters must sign the score sheet after each 25 targets. Once a shooter has signed the score sheet he/she has accepted the score and grade. Any score sheet not carrying the shooter’s signature will be credited with the lowest score recorded.
18. Any competitor will be called upon to referee and/or score throughout the period of competition. The persons designated to referee and score must fulfil their obligation to do so. Failure to either referee or score will incur a penalty of the LOSS OF ONE TARGET in the next event. Should a following event not be programmed then the penalty of the LOSS OF ONE TARGET will be incurred in the event concerned.
19. Shooters will be drawn from each day’s last round squads to referee and score the first round of the following day, and must be ready to officiate at the advertised starting time. Shooters who fail to fulfil their responsibility will be penalized one target. While replacement referees and scorers are permissible, if the replacement fails to fulfil their responsibility, the penalty of a LOSS OF ONE TARGET shall be made against the officially designated person.
20. Any unauthorized shooter interfering with or attempting to interfere with the trap will be penalized FIVE (5) TARGETS.
21. All appeals must be in writing together with a $20 fee, which is refundable if the appeal is upheld.
22. All appeals and deposits ($20) must be lodged with the Shoot Marshall or Tournament Director, who shall arrange a hearing with the appointed jury.
23. When team selection is involved, shooters who are eligible for the open team selection as well as section teams shall choose in which team they will be selected. They cannot compete in both Open and Section teams.
24. The Shoulder-to-Shoulder team selection will be taken from all eligible competitors, in order of qualification. Those competitors who do not achieve State Postal Teams in each category but accept an invitation to participate in Shoulder-to-Shoulder Teams will be unfunded by WACTA.
25. All shooters qualifying for a State travelling team must confirm his/her availability to attend the relevant national event within five [5] weeks of qualification.
26. Competitors paying full nominations is entitled to receive awards in the Open Section.
27. A minimum of two persons must compete in any grade or section, including high gun, for a State sash to be awarded. It is at WACTA Inc.’s discretion, as to whether a trophy is also awarded to Juniors, Ladies and Veterans.
28. An acceptable standard of dress is required for all competitors; the Shoot Marshall or Tournament Director to adjudicate.
29. In accordance with ACTA Rule 1.01(l) Any shooter committing an unsportsmanlike or unsafe act on the shooting ground shall be liable to suspension or disqualification.
30. All Competitors must comply with Firearms Licensing Laws in the State of Western Australia.

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