Terms and Conditions  −  Dogs in the Park NSW Castle Hill

Stall Holder Agreement

SET UP - Must be in 9am for Covid 19 Safety Check Compliance by council

- Stall holders must use 3m x 3m marquee
- Each marquee leg MUST be weighed down using commercial weights
- No split stalls
- All stalls must be set up by 9.00am and ready to trade by 10am

- Stall holders must remove all rubbish before leaving the site. Not to use the bins on site at all
- Stall holders who leave behind rubbish will not be invited back to event for up to 6 months
- Dogs in the park NSW is a fun, Free Local community event; we ask that all stall
holders embrace this, smile and get to know the people.
- No staff are allowed to approach any other stall holders customers, They must stay within the stall holders space.

- All Stalls will require Hand Sanister on their stalls and also able to wipe the products clean after touching from the customer.

- Please listen to staff directions and also Site Manager and event managers on the day of setup

- Event organisers will remain up to date with weather predictions by the Bureau of Meteorology; in the event of severe weather, organisers reserve the right to cancel the event.

- We may close the event early due to weather changes, Like Wind or Storm. We want to protect you and your staff and customer as well on the day of the event

- Events may get delayed in start up due to weather patterns

- If Wind is above the Required safety levels. we will not proceed on the day of the event.

- Stall fees are not negotiable at all.
- Stall fees must be paid for your site to be approved to trade on the day

- No power will be available for stalls on site
- If you need power, please bring a generator

- If you do require power on the day of the event, All leads must be tagged and tested and not expired on the day.

- Stall Holder agrees to pay for the Fees charged by council to access the power on the day

- Events may be cancelled at any point at organisers discretion, if the event is cancelled before 9.30am the day of trade, organisers will attempt to rearrange the market within 4- 8 weeks, if this is not possible each stall holder will receive 25% off their next stall fee. Refunds will not be available.
- Events abandoned during trading hours due to extreme circumstance, will not be exchanged
- Stall holders cancellations may be considered for replacement date, however refunds will not be available

- We ask that all stall holders share lots of posts to promote our Dogs in the park NSW is a fastest growing event and we need to spread the word!
- We ask that you use our attached promo image, without any alterations or filters. This will be sent out to you leading upto the following event date.
- Tag us @dogsintheparknsw #dogsintheparknsw
Please click ‘going’ to our Facebook event & invite all your friends!
- Send us lots of photos of your products so that we can share them
with our audience

- Bump in details will be emailed out no later than 24 hours prior to the event

Please park your cars as stated within your bump in details sent out, As we want as many customers to attend our event as possible.

- We are an eco conscious event, we do not accept plastic packaging
etc. We ask that as a stall holder you are mindful of your stall and brands sustainability
- Foodies! Compostable / recyclable packaging only

Please email us your certificate of currency.
Upon receipt of payment we will assume your acknowledgement of this agreement. Stall holders who fail to comply with this agreement, will not be invited back to trade at Dogs in the park NSW
We are so excited to have you on board & look forward to working with you!

Also please adhere to Social Distancing at the venue & listen to staff & social distancing manager on the day.

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