Terms and Conditions  −  Beenleigh Cane Parade Entries 2021

The Beenleigh Cane Event organisers reserves the right to select the parade entries according to the cultural and artistic values of your parade proposal.
We also reserve the right to ask you to leave the assembly area or parade route if you are not meeting parade rules / expectations.
• Parade entrants must be a school, business or community group/not-for-profit organisation.
• Parade entrants must be non-political and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated
• If you are a Business/ Commercial group, you must have paid your entry fee to be eligible for consideration to participate in the Parade.
INSURANCE: All entrants must have their own public liability insurance to the value of five million dollars/more or sign a waiver.
PARADE CONTENT: The Cane Parade is a community parade. This is an opportunity for community groups to showcase and express themselves. While the City of Logan encourages and supports individual expression of its diverse community, please be mindful that the Beenleigh Cane Event Parade is a family event, and we urge you to dress and behave responsibly for the enjoyment of all people. If you are unsure of the content and representation of your entry please consult with the Parade Manager prior to completing this form – email bceparade@gmail.com.
ANIMALS: Please firstly consult with the Parade Manager before entering animals in the parade. Experienced persons must accompany their dogs and keep them under effective control at all times. Aggressive dogs will be removed from the parade. The owner of dogs must be responsible for the collection of animal waste along the parade route. All parade entries featuring animals are responsible for providing their own water and waste collection along the parade route.

BANNER CARRIERS: Due to the length and slight incline in the beginning of the parade route, the weather and wind factor on the day, please consider adults instead of children to carry your banners. We also suggest that you consider providing relief carriers to assist the banner carriers throughout the approximate 15 minute walk on the parade route.
BREAK DOWN OF PARADE ENTRY & EMERGENCY: At all times, parade entrants are to notify the Beenleigh Cane Event Marshalls or security of any problems with vehicles or people in the parade. The Beenleigh Cane Event Marshalls or security will assess the situation and take appropriate action to resolve the problem, while minimizing impact to the flow of the entire parade. All Emergency Services entries are required to advise Beenleigh Cane Event Marshalls or security staff before exiting the parade route.
CHILDREN & ELDERLY: The length of the parade route is approximately 1.2km. Due to the distance of the parade route, children under 12 years old and the elderly are advised to be mindful of the parade route and try it out before committing. You may want to transport them in a vehicle instead. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times (ratio of 7 children to 1 adult). Please wear appropriate shoes.
DISPERSAL: Procession entries are only allowed to disperse in designated areas, guided by the Beenleigh Cane Event Marshalls and Rotary Club of Beenleigh representatives, and as shown on the map that will be supplied to all entrants. There is a designated safe pickup point for parade entrants at the dispersal area. Dispersing while on parade route is NOT allowed unless in an emergency. Failure to follow the above instructions will result in disqualification and compromise future participation. If you are not required to stop at the dispersal area to drop your passengers off, please notify our marshalls and staff, you will be directed to continue on exiting the parade route via Alamien Street.

Please note that in the case of an emergency response, please follow the instructions of WARP traffic management, Rotary Club of Beenleigh Officials, Security contractor, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire Service and SES representatives.

At all times, please follow the instructions of the Marshalls, Security and Parade Staff.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Any electrical equipment featured in parade, must be tested and tagged by a suitably qualified technician prior to the parade.

EXTREME WEATHER PLAN: The Beenleigh Cane Event Committee monitors the weather leading up to the days of the festival. In the event of extreme weather –
• All parade entrants should refer to their own parade risk assessment to determine whether to withdraw from the parade or not.
• The parade manager will undertake an event risk assessment on the day prior to determine whether the parade should continue. If a decision is made to cancel the parade, the festival will advise the general public via the festival website and media platforms.
• Extreme weather can be defined as including, but not limited to, continuous and ongoing high winds, heat, thunder/lightning storms, torrential rain.
HATS, SUNSCREEN & WATER: You are responsible for your own hats, sunscreen and drinking water during parade assembly and while travelling on the parade route.
JUDGING: Parade awards are judged by delegated judges selected by the Beenleigh Cane Event Committee. The criteria that the judges will take into account include creativity, colour, music, movement and relevance to the Beenleigh Cane Event. The judge’s decision is final.
MUSIC: We encourage all non-instrumental entries to provide their own portable music, to help create atmosphere along the parade route. All entries will be monitored at the parade assembly as to the appropriate level of sound of each float. Parade staff are authorised to request the volume of your music to be turned down to an acceptable level.

Please note that while every care is taken in assembling the order of entries in the parade, it is not unusual for entries with noise to travel side by side.
Each entry can have a maximum number of 30 people. If you intend to have more than 30 people in your entry you must gain approval from the Beenleigh Cane Festival Parade Manager prior to the parade. All participants must be costumed for a family audience. Nudity is not permitted during the parade.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Please be informed that you and your group may be photographed during the Parade. Any photographs taken during the parade, may be used in future Beenleigh Cane Event Festival or Rotary Club of Beenleigh promotional and marketing materials, including social media platforms.
SAFETY: To ensure the safety of the parade entrants and the audience, the Beenleigh Cane Event Parade Safety Warden, security and festival staff will inspect all vehicles and parade entries prior to the parade. The Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) personnel are authorised to request dangerous or unsound components of any parade entry (including vehicles) to be altered or removed. All participants must complete and comply with the Parade Entry Safety Checklist which is included in the 2021 Parade Expression of Interest documents. Your entry will not be permitted in the parade if you fail to comply with the requests from the Beenleigh Cane Event Safety Warden, OHS personnel, festival staff or security personnel.
SIGNAGE: Signage is a crucial component of your entry to help identify your group on the parade route. All parade entrants are responsible for providing their own signage. Your signage must be at least – 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft) or longer. Signage can be a hand painted, stencilled or professionally printed.
VEHICLES & DRIVERS: Person must be a licensed driver with a registered roadworthy vehicle. If your vehicle is unregistered, you must obtain an unregistered vehicle permit from QLD DEPT of Transport and clearly display it on the vehicle for the duration of the event. Please upload a copy of this permit with your Expression of Interest form. We encourage all vehicles to be decorated as a celebration of your entry.

Number of vehicles – Entries are restricted to the following maximum numbers per entry –
• 3 vehicles per entry
• 12 motor bikes
• 12 three wheelers
• 12 bicycles
If you would like to involve additional vehicles or an alternate combination of vehicles, we recommend that you consult with the Parade Manager prior to completing the Expression of Interest form on Try Booking.
If you have not obtained approval from the Beenleigh Cane Event Parade Manager, you will not be permitted to partake in the parade.
TYPES OF VEHICLES. NO SEMI TRAILERS – RIGID VEHICLES ONLY – NO WASTE TRUCKS OR SERVICE VEHICLES. For the safety of the audience along the parade route, only the following sizes of vehicles are permitted in the parade.
• Motor car – including bus, limousines, sedans and 4 wheel drives.
• Standard Car with trailer.
• SES and Fire Brigade trucks.
• Rigid tray truck only (NO articulated vehicles) Each vehicle must be within the maximum dimensions – Length (12.50m), Width (2.5m), and Height (4.3m)
Under no circumstances should any trucks be towing a trailer e.g. Prime Mover with trailers. Drivers of vehicles – Queensland Police may conduct a security check of drivers prior to the parade in the form of name and vehicle registration check.
All drivers are to have ZERO alcohol and drug reading. (No consumption of alcohol at least 12 hours prior) Queensland Police have the right to breathalyse parade entrants at random on the night/day.
Only drivers who registered in the Parade Expression of Interest form, are permitted to drive the vehicle during the parade.
Each entry must designate a primary driver and nominate a ‘respondent driver’. These two drivers must travel in the same vehicle at all times, during the parade. Both the driver and the nominated ‘respondent driver’ are required to provide their drivers details to Queensland Police for a pre-parade security check.
All drivers must attend the Parade Briefing, prior to the parade. If you or a member of your group is unable to attend this meeting, please contact the Beenleigh Cane Event Parade Manager prior to the briefing.
Your application may be void if there is no representative from your group at the parade briefing. If there is a change to the nominated driver please inform the Beenleigh Cane Event Parade Manager immediately.
All entries are to adopt all the appropriate safety measures and ensure that safety of the audience and the participants are maintained at all times.
Helmets must be worn at all times, when riding on roller skates, motor cycles, bicycles, and three wheeler motorbikes.
Seat belts must be worn at all times in vehicles.
No using mobile phones while driving on the road.
Additional fixtures on your entry such as decorative panels, flags, furniture, lighting or generators must be safe and properly secured.

Contact for Parade Manager – bceparade@gmail.com

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