Terms and Conditions  −  SpunOut : Fire and Circus Festival 2021

By purchasing a SpunOut ticket you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions:

Tickets and Refunds

1. Every SpunOut attendee is required to hold a valid ticket.
2. A change in personal circumstances of the Ticket Holder does not automatically entitle them the return or refund of the ticket.
3. Tickets may be transferred by the Ticket Holder to another person.
4. Tickets may not be resold above face value.
5. Full refunds (less ticket/booking fees) will be issued to Ticket Holders if the festival is unable to proceed on the scheduled dates due to acts of God, extreme weather conditions, or actions taken by government agencies and similar causes (e.g. event cancellations due to COVID-19).
6. Tickets will not be refunded due to adverse weather conditions or similar inconveniences if the festival is going ahead on the advertised dates.
7. On arrival at SpunOut, ticket holders will be given a wristband which must be secured on the body for the duration of the festival. If your wristband becomes damaged or unwearable, a replacement wristband will be issued upon presentation of the existing wristband and ticket. A person at SpunOut without a secured wristband will be presumed not to hold a valid ticket and may be asked to leave.
8. Tickets may be revoked by SpunOut organisers for any reason including the breach of these Terms and Conditions, or conduct deemed by SpunOut organisers to be unacceptable, which includes but is not limited to; conduct likely to threaten or cause harm to any other individual or disrupt the safe or compliant operation of the festival.
9. SpunOut reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute any elements of the program or vary the advertised festival ticket prices or patron capacity at any time.

Event Access

10. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times.
11. Children under the age of 18 remain the responsibility of their parents or legal guardian at all times.
12. Participants must observe SpunOut’s arrival and departure times from the festival site.

Safety Rules

13. Festival participants must use common sense at all times.
14. All camp participants are expected to take reasonable measures for their own safety and the safety of others throughout the duration of the event.
15. If you see anything that may endanger your safety or that of others, we ask that you report it to the SpunOut Event Manager as soon as possible.
16. You must follow any reasonable directions given to you by SpunOut staff.
17. If you are instructed at any time to do anything by the camp owners/caretakers, you must do so immediately.
18. The state and federal laws apply at all times, and police have access to the site at their own discretion.
19. You must use only the fire fuel provided by the SpunOut organisers. If you wish to use your own fuel, you must seek the permission of the SpunOut Event Manager.
20. If you wish to spin with fire, you must wear clothing that is safe to do so.
21. Before using lit fire equipment, you must ensure all safety measures are in place, including; a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and damp towel, as well as a dedicated, trained fire safety person. Safety equipment is provided.
22. No person will be allowed to participate in fire activities if they appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or are acting in a manner which is dangerous to themselves or others.
23. All areas are designated as a cigarette smoke free zone (this is a rule set by the camp owners). Smokers may smoke outside the event site.
24. Drugs are banned from the camp site and anyone found to be in possession of, or under the influence of drugs, may be ejected from the event without refund of their ticket, at the Event Manager’s discretion.
25. Water is a precious resource at Camp Leschenaultia, with a limited supply in the rainwater tanks. Please conserve water by using showers and taps to a minimum.
26. Campers are not permitted to bring animals or pets onto the property, or to disturb the natural environment (e.g. damage trees).
27. Music throughout the weekend is provided by our own djs. We ask that you do not play your own music at high volume.

Liability Waiver
Purchase of ticket and/or entrance to SpunOut indicates acceptance of the following warning and waiver of liability:

28. I acknowledge that my attendance and/or participation in SpunOut involves the possibility of physical injury, disability, death, and/or damage to equipment.
29. I hereby voluntarily assume the risks of attending and/or participating in any activity at or associated with SpunOut.
30. In consideration of the all entities allowing me to use and/or participate in SpunOut, I hereby state the following:
a. I waive, release, and discharge SpunOut and/or any of its agents, the Facility and/or any agents at which SpunOut is held, and any other entities that help support SpunOut from any and all claims, losses, or liabilities for death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospital bills, theft, or damage of any kind, including economic losses, which may arise by reason of my participation and/or presence at SpunOut. To the extent possible by law, I hereby fully waive, release, and discharge all parties notwithstanding their own negligent acts or omissions or the negligent acts or omissions of others.
b. I agree that I will not bring any action or claim against any of the parties hereby released for any reason associated with SpunOut.
c. I indemnify and hold harmless the parties hereby released from any and all claims made or liabilities assessed against them as a result of my participation in training and/or usage of the venue of SpunOut.
d. I acknowledge and allow the use of any and all photographs and video taken of me at the event to be used by SpunOut and the Perth Fire Spinners and Circus Group for any promotional purposes or any other uses without further consent or notification.
e. I hereby affirm that I have read this document and I understand its contents. I acknowledge the possible hazards of attending and/or participating at/in the event and I am fully and voluntarily waiving all liability that may arise by reason of this participation after full consideration of the rights I am waiving. This waiver is in consideration of my being allowed to participate in training at SpunOut.

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