Terms and Conditions  −  C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching - Term 4 (Wednesdays) - Modbury

1. Players and guardians will adhere to COVID Safe requirements (recognised by State and Federal governments), when participating in C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching programs. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching will try to provide make-up sessions for any sessions cancelled due to COVID regulations to the best of our ability. This will be on dependent on availability of grounds and time allocation.

2. I acknowledge that there is a fee to participate in C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching programs. Any cancellation of registration during the program duration will be non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances, C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching reserves the right to make decisions on potential refunds.

3. Refunds will not be granted if the participant is absent, no longer wishes to attend, is unable to attend or if a session is cancelled and is unable to be rescheduled. All possible attempts will be made to reschedule sessions cancelled by C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching (due to extreme weather, COVID regulations or other reasons).

4. I acknowledge that attendance at C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching programs is voluntary and exclusively at a participant's own risk, and at all times there is the option for a child to withdraw from activities. I agree to hold harmless C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching, and/or its partnered clubs, subsidiaries or associated companies against any liability relating to damage of property and death or injury to any person.

5. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching accepts no responsibility for personal items that are damaged or lost during training sessions. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching reserves the right to discard of any unclaimed items after 10 business days.

6. The player and his or her parents and/or guardians shall arrange, pay for and at all times keep in force an effective private hospital insurance cover for him or herself (including ancillary benefits) with an accredited health benefit fund.

7. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching shall not be liable to pay or repay to the player (child) or parents and/or guardians any medical, hospital, ambulance expenses that may be incurred by the child or adult.

8a. Due to unforeseen extreme weather and pitch conditions, C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching has the right to cancel session times for the safety of all persons and children involved, with no refund or reimbursement towards term fees. In the case of hot weather, this decision will be based on Football South Australia's Hot Weather policy. Any cancellation of a session will be communicated to participants, parents and guardians at the earliest possible opportunity.

8b. In the above instances, C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate missed sessions. Refunds will not be granted if rescheduling of a session is not possible.

9. I certify that the participant is in suitable health to participate in sports and soccer training and any other associated activity conducted within C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching programs.

10. I will provide all known medical details and relevant medical information relevant to my child or myself to C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching prior to the commencement of the program.

11. Sessions will be held for different age groups and you must register to train for the session that corresponds to your age group, unless otherwise advised by C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching.

12. Players with outstanding debts and registration details for C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching programs will not be permitted to train. Please discuss with Matthew Wintersgill (Program Director) if you are in this situation.

13a. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching reserves the right to allocate players to training sessions as required. This could involve players training with a different age group, based on coach judgement of player needs and stage of learning. All decisions in this regard will be discussed with and communicated to players, parents and guardians.

13b. Within age groups, players may also be split into different groups based on our judgement of their stage of learning. All decisions will be made with the player's development needs at the forefront of our thinking.

14. Players and parents will follow our code of conduct during C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching training sessions and programs. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching reserves the right to exclude players from participating at training sessions, should their actions and behaviour not meet these standards.

15. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching reserves the right to refuse applications/registrations from persons we feel will jeopardise the integrity of our programs.

16. If a player is unable to make a session, you must contact C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching at the earliest opportunity to let us know.

17. Players will be required to wear appropriate training attire. Shin guards are mandatory at all ages and boots are mandatory for the age groups of 9-11 and 12-14. All players should attend sessions with at least one bottle of water. In hot weather, we recommend children wear a sun hat during sessions and that they arrive at sessions with sunscreen already applied.

18. Players and parents/guardians will refrain from using foul and abusive language in all circumstances at C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching programs.

19. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching prides itself on values of inclusion. Players, parents and guardians will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants - regardless of their ability, cultural background or religion.

20. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching coaches and associates may take photos or videos of sessions, for education, marketing and/or social media use. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching reserves the right to use such photographs and video footage taken of your child for use in publications, promotional material, on its website and its social media, in accordance with the Privacy Act (1988). Please advise C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching if you do not want images or video footage of your child/children to be used in a public forum.

21. Any cancellation of registration during C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching programs will be non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances, C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching reserves the right to make decisions on potential refunds.

22. C.A.R.D.S Soccer Coaching reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any such changes will be communicated to registered participants, players and guardians, and effective immediately.

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