Terms and Conditions  −  VCAA 2021 NAPLAN Reporting & Data Service PD


Registering online

a. The School Research Evaluation And Measurement Services (SREAMS) is delivering online professional development webinars on
behalf of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

b. To facilitate this, SREAMS is using TryBooking event registration software to register persons who wish to participate in these
webinars. TryBooking is a third-party online service, and will collect your personal information behalf of SREAM­S and the VCAA.
TryBooking and will store this information on servers located offshore, and has its own privacy policy and terms and conditions,
which are available at: Privacy policy | TryBooking Australia.

c. When you register online through TryBooking, staff at SREAMS and at the VCAA will have access to your name, email, school name &
phone number, school region, school sector and type. This information will be collected so that SREAMS can:
I. communicate to participants any last-minute changes to the workshop, such as a change of meeting link.

II. send a workshop Evaluation Survey, generated by Survey Monkey, to each attending participant at the completion of each
webinar. Please note that Survey Monkey will maintain two databases. One will have your first name, last name, email address
and whether you responded to the survey. This database is solely for the purpose of emailing participants a link to the survey.
The other database will contain responses to the survey. Your personal details are not held in this database, so all responses
are anonymous. That is, neither SREAMS nor the VCAA wil know your personal response to this survey.

Like TryBooking, Survey Monkey is a third-party online service which stores data on servers located offshore. You can learn about
Survey Monkey’s privacy policy and terms and conditions regarding its storage and use of data by visiting this website: Privacy &
Legal (surveymonkey.com).

d. SREAMS and the VCAA will collect, use and store your personal information in accordance with the Victorian Privacy and Data
Protection Act 2014 and in accordance with their respective privacy policies. SREAMS’ privacy policy can be viewed online here:
Privacy Policy (spaplatform.com.au), and the VCAA’s privacy policy can be viewed online here:

e. If you have any questions regarding the details you are providing, please feel free to contact us. SREAMS can be contacted by phone
on 0488 003 069 or by email at info@sreams.com.au.

If you do not want to register online

f. If you want to attend one if the webinars but prefer not to disclose your personal information in order to register online, you can
contact SREAMS to notify us of your intention to participate in a webinar. SREAMS will then provide meeting details to you, and you
will not be required to provide any details. However, please be aware that SREAMS will not be able to notify you of any last-minute
changes that may impact on your participation.

TryBooking is an online system for organisations and community groups that has been designed to look after the entire event ticketing and registration needs.

All issues relating to the sale of tickets and the hosting of their associated event(s) are the responsibility of the “Event Organiser” and not that of TryBooking Pty Ltd (Australian Business Number 71126987915).

Please visit https://www.trybooking.com/info/customer-terms-and-conditions for our terms and conditions.