Terms and Conditions  −  Youth Art Exhibition 2021 - Unity in Community

Before attending this event, we ask that you read Youth Services guidelines for online participation. It is essential that both parent/guardian and attendee, have read and understand the expectations and requirements of participation. Please note that parents/guardians are encouraged to supervise their child during the event.

• Follow all instructions given by the Youth Development Officer or Youth Leadership Team facilitator
• No Bullying or inappropriate language and/ or behaviour (this includes offensive or inappropriate Zoom backgrounds)
• We ask that all attendees have their zoom ‘name’ as their registered first name. This is necessary for Youth Services program logs. If for any reason a participant does not feel comfortable to do so, please email Youth Services beforehand or privately message the Youth Development Officer at the beginning of the event.

Youth Development Officers will adhere to the ‘Three strike rule’ for inappropriate or offensive behaviour:
1. Warning
2. Mute participant audio and/or Turn off participant Camera
3. Immediately remove attendee from the Zoom Call and call parent/guardian after the program.

* Youth Services may enact any of these steps at their own discretion, depending on the severity of the situation.

Youth Services Video Conference Guidelines & Expectations

Your rights:
• To feel welcome, safe and free from discrimination at all times
• To be heard and included
• To leave the sessions at any time should you feel uncomfortable

Your responsibilities:
No offensive, discriminatory, abusive or inappropriate language, behaviours or materials
• Do not record or screenshot throughout group meetings
• Do not share inappropriate pictures or links within the group
• Choose an appropriate place that is free from noise and distractions
• Dress, Speak and Act respectfully during all sessions

Tips if you’re feeling unsure:
• Blur or change your background
• Turn your camera off and use audio only
• Check in with the youth workers prior to the meeting as to how many people are expected to be in the group on the day
• Ensure that whatever can be seen or heard you are willing to share publicly with the group

For your information:

All groups will be moderated by the Youth Development Officer(s). The Youth Development Officers reserve the right to mute or cancel your involvement in the group if your behaviour is deemed unacceptable according to the above expectations.
You are encouraged to speak with the youth workers if you have anything to report or are feeling uncomfortable.

In the case of inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour, Youth Development Officers will:
1. Notify the attendee of the behaviour and ask them to desist.
2. If the behaviour continues, the worker will end their participation in the session.
3. The attendee will need to address behaviour with youth worker and parent/guardian (if applicable) before re-joining.

Online Platforms:

As you may appreciate, Council is affected by social distancing restrictions and the activities will be run on Zoom. You will be sent a password-protected Zoom link upon registration, which cannot be forwarded on.

Attendees' name and video image will be available to others in the group.

You should be aware that Zoom is a third-party software over which Council has limited control. While Council has taken reasonable steps to facilitate these activities, Council accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by unauthorised use or disclosure of information contrary to the expectations outlined in this section, or misuse of the Zoom service or platform.

If you require further information or have any questions, please contact Glen Eira Youth Services on 9524 3676 or via email youthservices@gleneira.vic.gov.au

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